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Thread: Micromax A116 Canvas HD vs Lava Iris 502

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    Micromax A116 Canvas HD vs Lava Iris 502

    Hello Buddies.

    I need some suggestions from you all. I recently read news somewhere that Lava has launched a new smartphone named 'Iris 502'. Well i know their earlier Iris 501 as one of my friend is using the same. The device is really good in performance as well as gaming purpose. Now as 502 is launched with Jelly Bean operating system, i would like to buy one for me if it is available at such a low price. But the problem is i got confused when some of mu colleagues also suggested me to go with Micromax A116.

    We all know that Micromax has made a very good reputation for its Smartphone and Tablets with Android operating system. So i wanted to know which will be the better smartphone if we compare Iris 502 and Canvas HD in terms of performance, professional apps, customization and price?

    Please help. All suggestions appreciated.

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    Re: Micromax A116 Canvas HD vs Lava Iris 502

    It would really very difficult to find out the best in both of devices. Though Micromax has earned lot of respect with their durable products, Lava is on the same track with some its recently launched smartphones. For example, if we compared their earlier smartphones like Micromax A110 and Iris 501, Camera quality of Lava with 5mp was far than that of Micromax A110 with 8mp. Though the touch was very good in Micrromax compared to Lava. But if we see them as per price, ofcourse, Lava is far cheaper then Micromax.

    So the meaning of my sentences is, it is going to be very tough to vote anyone of these devices. Both are very good devices. Hence you need to be on your own for buying anyone of these brands. :-X

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    Re: Micromax A116 Canvas HD vs Lava Iris 502

    Hello guys, there is very less similarities in both of these devices. Those are their operating systems which is Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, both devices are phablets with large 5-Inch screen, both comes with 4GB internal Storage and both have nearly same connectivity options.

    But they two have several differences and that makes Micromax A116 far better than Iris. Have a look at the difference below:

    • (Canvas HD) Resolution: 1280 x 720 pixels
    • (Iris 502) Resolution: 480 X 800 pixels

    • (Canvas HD) CPU: 1.2 GHz quad-core MediaTek MT6589 processor
    • (Iris 502) CPU: 1GHz single core Processor

    • (Canvas HD) RAM: 1GB RAM
    • (Iris 502) RAM: 512MB RAM

    • (Canvas HD) Camera: 8MP
    • (Iris 502) Camera: 5MP

    • (Canvas HD) Battery: 2100 mAh battery
    • (Iris 502) Battery: 2000 mAh battery

    • (Canvas HD) Price: 14000/-
    • (Iris 502) Price: 8500/-
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    Re: Micromax A116 Canvas HD vs Lava Iris 502

    Great comparison 'Online', thanks for the same. It is correct because though there is difference of 6K in the price but it matters when you have better configuration as well. If galaxy Galaxy Note 2 costs 40K with jelly bean and Iris 502 costs 8.5K with Jelly Bean, you can not say Iris 502 is better. Because Galaxy has such Hardware and performance. Similar comparing these two devices, i'll say Micromax is much better and you should go with the same if you have budget. Otherwise, Lava Iris 502 is not a bad device at all with JB at just 8.5K.

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