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Thread: How to increase the speed of your broadband connection

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    How to increase the speed of your broadband connection

    If your broadband connection is slower than it should be, it may be due to the configuration of your network or computer. If you tell your company that your Internet connection is slow, probably say that the problem is on your computer and will not be responsible. This guide will show you what you can do to improve the speed of your connection. Before making any changes to your settings, turn off the router or access point to Internet and back on. Sometimes the connection can be slow due to a failure point in the output device to the Internet.

    1. Check that your computer is free of viruses and Trojans. You can use an online antivirus to search these malwares in your computer. Also check your installed programs and uninstall do not use. Many programs start when you turn on the computer and are consuming bandwidth periodically. If you have a program that starts when you turn on the computer and you do not normally use, instead of uninstalling, you can remove it from the list of programs that start automatically.

    2. Check what type of device you use to connect to the Internet. If you have multiple computers at home you use a router. The "hubs" are slower, so if you have one that should replace it with a router. Program updates the manufacturer of your router. Change your connection cable with new one. Which you may not be working correctly. your computer is very old you may need to improve to get a faster connection.

    3. If you're using a wireless signal to connect, check that there is another signal interfering with the Internet. Check also that there are no intruders on your network. Most wireless networks are not protected properly. There is a possibility that someone is using your Internet connection without your consent.

    Improve the network connection:

    We started going to "Control Panel" and select the category "Internet Options" to open the "Internet Properties". We click on the tab "Connections" and select the "LAN Settings". n this window, delete all the markings on the controls, and then press the button "OK". We close the control panel and go.

    Remove the reserved bandwidth in windows:

    Another way is to modify the bandwidth reserved by the operating system platform Microsoft Windows. For this, we click the "Start" button and select the "Run".
    Here type gpedit.msc in the Open box and click on "OK"

    This opens the window where we must go to the following path:
    "Computer Configuration - Administrative Templates - Network - QoS Packet Scheduler."
    Here we seek to "limit reserved bandwidth" and double click in the window that opens choose "Enable" and replace the default value with 0 (zero).
    Finally, click on the button "Apply" and then "OK".

    What's it all about? Windows usually reserved bandwidth on a connection for sending special packets using QoS technology (such as streaming video or voice). What we do with these changes is to prevent the operating system that 20% reserve setting for the reception of these special packages, which in some cases be beneficial.

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    Re: How to increase the speed of your broadband connection

    To increase the speed of download and upload much faster pages:

    Step 1:
    Open the Browser (Firefox) which your using and _ Type "about: config" (without quotes) in the address bar and press enter. Advance the blade down and locate the following entries:

    Step 2:

    Modify all above key as given below:
    Change "network.http.pipelining" to "true"
    Change "network.http.proxy.pipelining" to "true"
    Change "network.http.pipelining.maxrequests some number close to 30.

    And finally click with right mouse button anywhere and select "New" - "Integer". Assign the following name "nglayout.initialpaint.delay" and set its value to "0". This value is the amount of time the browser waits before acting on information it receives.

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    Re: How to increase the speed of your broadband connection

    It's very simple improve broadband speed, you just have to note that Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers are installed with the standard-based access dial-up connections, if you use broadband either through cable or DSL is necessary to change some settings for a much faster navigation!
    Configuration for using Internet Explorer:
    1. Go to Start / Run and type regedit you click;
    2. Select HKEYCURRENTUSER / Software / Microsoft;
    3. Select Windows / Current Version / Internet Settings;
    4. Double click and MaxConnectionsPerServer MaxConnectionsPer1_0Server;
    5. Change the current value 10 (decimal);
    6. Close Regedit and restart your browser.

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    Re: How to increase the speed of your broadband connection

    I located in Panchkula and I am getting low speed of broadband connection, I also try you Ideas to boost the speed but it doesn't work.
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