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Thread: Aliens Colonial Marines Save Game Location

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    Aliens Colonial Marines Save Game Location

    I received the copy of my Aliens Colonial Marines just couple of hours ago, installed on my gaming PC. Before i start playing the game i need to make some settings (tweaks) at its save game folder. I tried to find out but am not getting it anywhere, neither in Documents folder nor in the installation folder. Well it doesn't matters what tweak i'm going to do, what matters now is where does the game saves it save files?

    Can anyone please tell me where is the save game location for Aliens Colonial Marines on Windows ?

    Thank you for you helps in advance.

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    Re: Aliens Colonial Marines Save Game Location

    Personally i'm not playing the game hence i cannot say surely where does the save game folder lies for Aliens Colonial Marines. But as most of the video games on PC save their data under My Documents folder, i guess you should check the same properly. Just go to the following location and see if there is any folder named "Aliens Colonial Marines" or "SEGA":


    There must be any folder related to this game and the save game files should be under this folder as well.

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    Re: Aliens Colonial Marines Save Game Location

    Yeah, you should check this location C:\Users\<username>\Documents, and if it is not there, just go to the Application Data folder and see if there is any folder named as mentioned above. You can find the Application data folder at C:\Users\<username>\AppData. Note, this file is hidden. Hence you will first need to change your Windows Explorer settings to 'Show hidden files and folders.'

    Hope it helps.

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