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Thread: Aliens Colonial Marines pc save game download

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    Aliens Colonial Marines pc save game download

    It seems like i'm alone who bought this game and playing. I dint found any of my friends playing Aliens Colonial Marines. Actually i'm stuck at a level, already tried playing this level 4 times bu yet not able to complete it. So i thought to get some one's save game file which may help me to skip and move ahead but as i said i think i'm alone playing this game, i dint found a single guy on web who has uploaded save game file for Aliens Colonial Marines.

    As i have got some very helpful save files from this website, i though to ask you guys again for help. Is anyone here playing Aliens Colonial Marines? If yes, can you please share your Save files with me? Please?

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    Re: Aliens Colonial Marines pc save game download

    Well to be frank, it seems like really you are alone with Aliens Colonial Marines game because even i dint found any one in the member's list or my circle who have bought or even interested in playing this game. Not even me. I dont know what is there in this game, even many website has just rated it with 5/10.

    Personally i'll never waste my money for Aliens Colonial Marines. Anyways, if i find any save files for this game, i'll surely share here.

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    Re: Aliens Colonial Marines pc save game download

    Hey guys, i'm not playing the game personally but i was just searching for save games to help you out. However i dint found the same, but i got the Promo Trainer of Aliens Colonial Marines which i think will be very helpful for you. If you want you can download the same from below attachment.
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    Re: Aliens Colonial Marines pc save game download

    Here is the 100% completed save game with everything unlocked and access to each chapter. Hope some buddy will need it.
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