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Thread: Dead Space 3 Save Game location on Windows

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    Dead Space 3 Save Game location on Windows

    This is the first time I am playing Dead Space game. I never played its first or second part, started today with Dead Space 3 directly. One of my friend has also installed the game in his PC. He played it for 1.5 hours and suddenly his PC got crashed. He was playing it on Windows XP. Now the system is giving him BlueScreen.

    SO he has now installed the game again on his Windows 7 Laptop. But as he has already completed few hours he donít want to start the game again. Iím also playing the game on Windows 7 computer, so I thought to share my save game files to him. This will help him to skip the first two hours of gameplay.

    I tried to find out my saves but dint found it anywhere on my system or maybe Iím not aware where is its location as this is my first time playing this series. So can anyone please tell me where is the Save Game location for Dead Space 3 on Windows 7 or Xp?

    Many thanks.

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    Re: Dead Space 3 Save Game location on Windows

    The save game location for Dead Space 3 is also similar to most of the other games. It use to be under you’re my Documents folders. Did you check that? If not, check it. Open My Documents, you will find Electronic Arts folder, under it there will be dead space 3 folder. That’s the folder where you saves are located. It will be the same on Windows XP as well.

    In simpler words, dead space 3 save game location is as follows:

    C:\Users\ Assassin\Documents\EA Games\Dead Space 3

    Note, above ‘Assassin’ is my PC user name, replace it with your username.

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    Re: Dead Space 3 Save Game location on Windows

    Here is the save game located on my Windows 7 PC:

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