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Thread: Video player for Nokia Asha 200 free download

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    Video player for Nokia Asha 200 free download

    I知 having Nokia Asha 200 mobile phone. I知 looking for a good media player for this mobile device. I知 not able to understand how I can find various applications for this device. It looks that the devices run on very old or outdated operating system that does not has application or games at all. I tried to find the same on a different website but they said there is nothing available for this model.

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    Re: Video player for Nokia Asha 200 free download

    Did you try OVI store. That is only place where you can find proper application for various snow-clad devices. For your information Nokia Asha 200 works on S40 series operating system.

    I was also having a similar phone that has the same operating system and I I had used Nokia store a number of time to find different application. Compared to new mobile this is having very few apps but I hope that you can find what you池e looking for.

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    Re: Video player for Nokia Asha 200 free download

    There is one way to find out and video player application for this device. Go in your web browser and type On this website at the top side you can find the option by which you can confirm the model of your device and on that basis then you can search for whatever application you are looking for. Fortunately there are many applications available for S 40 series. And I hope there is there are some good media players also available.

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    Re: Video player for Nokia Asha 200 free download

    There is a tiny application called as all media player is available for Nokia Asha 200 mobile phone. I think this is the only media player available that can allow you to play all kind of format. It is like the VLC player of Nokia mobile phone.

    My friend is having a similar model that is using this application for playing different video and it works fine. Other than this there is nothing I can find.

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