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Thread: Infinity Blade 2 Save Game Issue on iOS Devices

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    Infinity Blade 2 Save Game Issue on iOS Devices

    hey guys... am new to this forum and hope you guys can help me out. Am having an Apple iPad. Recently started playing Infinity Blade 2 on the same. After playing continuously for hours, i reached a level where i earned a sword that can do 200+ damage. It was great feeling to have the same. Suddenly, due to some reason i closed the game directly, thought it would reload from the same point where i left (Same as infinity blade 1). but it dint. Seems like its not saving my game. When i started it back, it came from the start

    DAMN. Is this just with me or anybody else facing the Save Game Issue with Infinity Blade 2 :-[

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    Re: Infinity Blade 2 Save Game Issue on iOS Devices

    Well dude, you are not alone. Many gamers are facing this problem with Infinity Blade 2. Few days back Chair Entertainment also released an update for the same, it works for users but not for all. hence they are about to release the second in next few days. Probably will be leased this weekend.

    Hope, this update fix this problem for us.

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    Re: Infinity Blade 2 Save Game Issue on iOS Devices

    Yeah, i too facing the same problem. Even my save games are not working. After many research, i found that the said bug appears like it is related to iCloud saving and syncing. Even i found that many gamers lost their Save File when they tried to download the game on any another device.

    The only fix for this, as per me, is we need to wait until these issues get resolved from the developer side.

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    Re: Infinity Blade 2 Save Game Issue on iOS Devices

    Its definitely a problem related to iCloud. I have a solution for Infinity Blade 2 Save Game Problem but you should follow it on your own risk. However, it worked for me. What i did was, i disabled Documents and Data in iCloud.

    Thats it. It worked for me !

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