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Thread: Samsung revealed 110 inch Ultra HDTV at CES 2013

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    Samsung revealed 110 inch Ultra HDTV at CES 2013

    As time keeps on changing we are able to seize of the finest technology. At CES 2013 Samsung has unveiled a 110 inch ultra-thin HDTV. You can just imagine what would be the size of such a large high-definition television and features it will open. As per the information that I had seen this HDTV supports 1080 pixel HD resolution. So that is wide enough for digital home theatre system. But it is really not a very affordable product it will be much costlier but in future we can expect great fall in the price.

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    Re: Samsung revealed 110 inch Ultra HDTV at CES 2013

    I do not think any other manufacturer has able to reach this much size in HDTV. But also this is not the affordable product so it is not in the reach of everyone. Obviously a large screen HDTV will offer better picture and high-quality video output compared to any other product available in the market.

    It looks Samsung leaves many manufacturers behind by releasing new revolutionary product.

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    Re: Samsung revealed 110 inch Ultra HDTV at CES 2013

    The model number of that product is Samsung S9 UHDTV. Television is going to take place of your widescreen home theater system where you can find crisp color and quality and vibrant display. Samsungís moving at a very fast pace in developing and releasing some of the innovative product in the market that no one can imagine.

    I had seen a short video of the TV in which I was able to check out the resolution. This much better compared to any other product but you will need to wait back for more affordable variant

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    Re: Samsung revealed 110 inch Ultra HDTV at CES 2013

    I do not think this product is going to remain in the market for very long time. We had seen there were times when plasma TV was taking up the market but due to high price they are not sold on a large scale.

    It will need product which are affordable plus which are rich with features. Also the maintenance of covered on this product must be limited. Due to HDTV you can easily pay high amount for the desire compared to regular TV which is fixed on minimal cost. So it does not matter that the product is affordable or not but what matters is the maintenance.

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    Re: Samsung revealed 110 inch Ultra HDTV at CES 2013

    It will be a better product. Youíre not watching out the specification or checking the features. This new Samsonís Ultra HDTV has a HD picture quality some precision black pro technology. Also Samsung has worked hard on the audio output of this television set.

    There are three great 2.2 channel and a quad core processor which is capable of processing video and running the application on a large screen. This TV has a set of interface called as SmartHUB where you can use gesture control on voice feature to communicate with 35.

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