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Thread: How to use 2 monitor on Windows 8

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    How to use 2 monitor on Windows 8

    Windows 8 is a new operating system with ample of new features and performance. In this article Iím going to show you how to use to monitor on Windows 8. The settings are not complicated but it is easy and every time we need a dual monitor setup to improve our productivity. While in Windows said we had seen that number of things are modified and they had made more straightforward. It is easier to use due to a touch-based interface also some settings are added on the basis of category so that you can find them easily. So letís check out how to use two monitor on Windows 8 and have the same interface on both.

    First you will need to check out that whatever PC or laptop youíre having has what type of additional videophone. It can be a HDMI cable, VGA or DVI output. On that basis you will need to arrange a cable and for the monitor on Windows 8 system. The most common is VGA cable which is easily found. Connect the monitor with Windows 8 system and follow the next step.

    Once the monitor is connected and if there is no display on the new one, right click on the desktop and choose properties. Or simply you can right click and choose screen resolution where you will find well monitor setup. There is an auto detect button when you click on a Windows will automatically find additional display connected and adjust the resolution as per your need. You can use both the monitor for a single word or you can simply extend the display and get a bigger desktop.

    If youíre not able to find settings for monitor setup, go in charm bar and in that search for additional monitor.

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    Re: How to use 2 monitor on Windows 8

    I want to add something more here. Sometime a Windows 8 does not recognize dual monitor then you will need to update your video drivers. Most of the time it is auto detected and you do not need to manage the resolution settings. If you need a better output you must always use a HDMI connector which is capable of delivering best quality video on the screen.

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