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Thread: Cheaper iPhone to be introduced in 2013

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    Cheaper iPhone to be introduced in 2013

    I don’t know whether this news is legit or not but Apple is working on much cheaper iPhone which will be specifically released for Chinese market. I was just going through some news based on iPhone and landed on a website that tells, Apple is working on low-cost iPhone devices for different markets. To some extent it is not possible to believe that Apple is really working on low-cost devices.

    Its been four years and they’re selling some of the most costliest and unique product in the market. I hope they will be able to manage the quality with low budget.

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    Re: Cheaper iPhone to be introduced in 2013

    This news has been published last year and yet there is no claim over it. You might have also heard about low-cost iPad but when we finally saw, Apple released iPad mini that was also not at all cheaper. According to me Apple is never going to change its market strategy and they will stick to the costliest and unique products in the market. Still the products are costly but they are purchased on very high value. So Apple does not need to worry about the sales.

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    Re: Cheaper iPhone to be introduced in 2013

    If Apple goes with low-cost devices then surely the other competitors in the market will be greatly affected by it. Everyone is aware about the reputation of Apple and the kind of devices they offer.

    So even if Apple is going for low-cost devices they will surely make it a different compared to any other devices available in the market. And users will blindly follow Apple’s devices. So if this is going to be correct then surely in the New Year we’re going to find some of the best devices at reasonable price.

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    Re: Cheaper iPhone to be introduced in 2013

    There are hundreds of resolutions which are made on a budget iPad and on budget iPhone. But Apple has not currently provided any confirmation on this. So till that time it is not possible to believe on any of this news. People are talking about cheap Apple devices but to some extent Apple keeps on increasing the price and making their devices better and different.

    You can easily find out they have very few products but still they are one of the largest seller in the market. So if they go with a low-budget device and surely this is going to break their reputation.

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    Re: Cheaper iPhone to be introduced in 2013

    Apple can do this by facing fierce competition from android. And if Apple finally released some cheap devices in the market I’m sure it is going to divert all android users on Apple devices. But somehow we have to wait back for the final information that is really going to provide the correct news on this kind of devices. Still android rocks in the market and manufacturer like Samsung are giving the best budget tablets and my phone with optimum quality and output.

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