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Thread: Why firewall is not working on Windows 8

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    Why firewall is not working on Windows 8

    I知 not able to use Windows firewall. I had set the same on automatic mode but somehow it stopped working. I came to know about these from the notification panel where it was stated as warning. I知 using Microsoft Security essentials only. I had upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8. While upgrading everything was working fine and there was no problem with the setup. Later on I installed Microsoft Security essential. But somehow the firewall was not working.

    Hope anyone can help me with this.

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    Re: Why firewall is not working on Windows 8

    Do you have any other antivirus installed in your system? Because if there is any other antivirus installed and it comes with its own firewall and there is no need to enable Windows firewall. By default when you install all Security settings are enabled. You can check that in the Control Panel. I知 sure there is any third-party antivirus program installed in your system due to which Windows firewall is turned off. Two firewall cannot work on the same system at the same time.

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    Re: Why firewall is not working on Windows 8

    It can be due to some system files corruption. That is why I never perform any upgrade. The best way to get a stable system is to install everything from scratch. I mean to say that you must install everything from start with clean formatting your computer and then installing one by one all the software which are needed. But on the same hand when you upgrade your system old files are still in your computer which can cause conflict.

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    Re: Why firewall is not working on Windows 8

    Just go to add remove programs and find out that there is any other third-party security application installed in your system. You have to first remove it and after that only you will be able to turn on Windows firewall. First of all if there is an antivirus in your system then there is no necessity of turning on Windows firewall. You can just leave it as it is. Also if there is any software bug in your system the best thing you can do is download firewall software or a complete Internet Security pack and use it.

    One more thing I want to add that if you are working on a limited user account then Windows will not allow you to modify any settings. You will need to login with admin account and then only you can disable or enable any security settings. Windows 8 is a new operating system and there are chances that some software bug can annoy you. So the best thing is to get a nice free antivirus and install it in your system to keep your system secure from virus.

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