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Thread: Download Connectify Hotspot for Windows 8

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    Download Connectify Hotspot for Windows 8

    I was using Connectify for sharing my Internet Connection over WiFi Hotspot with my Windows 7 laptop. It was working great, no problem. But last week I removed windows 7 and installed the latest Windows 8 on my laptop. Configured all internet settings and installed all required applications including Connectify. Yes, I have the pro version f this software. But the problem is Connectify is no more working on my laptop. I am not able to find out what is the reason.

    So here are my questions:

    • Is it something like we need to install some another driver for Windows 8?
    • Or is there some extra settings to run Connectify on Windows 8?
    • Or do i need to buy Connectify again for Windows 8?

    Somebody please help. I have few devices like tabs and smartphone with which I need to share my broadband internet.

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    Re: Download Connectify Hotspot for Windows 8

    Nope, i dont think there is any extra settings or you will need to buy again for Windows 8. I guess there would be any driver problem which is preventing Connectify to work properly. By the way are you able to run/launch Connectify? Is it opening properly and you are just not able to configure it?

    Meanwhile i will suggest you to run Windows Update after installing Connectify. If there is any driver problem Windows will fix it itself. Once done, restart the PC and try running the hotspost again and see if it is working fine. Reply back

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    Re: Download Connectify Hotspot for Windows 8

    Hello Arquette, actually the problem is your existing Connectify installer. The version you are having was only for/until Windows 7, and not for Windows 8. In order to make your Windows 8 laptop a Hotspot you will need to download the latest Connectify installer which is meant for Win8. Install the same and register it with the email/password you were using with Win 7. It should work fine.

    You can download the same from here: Connectify for Windows 8
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    Re: Download Connectify Hotspot for Windows 8

    Thanks a lot Online, that worked.

    So it means the earlier versions were not compatible with Windows 8, right? We need to download the latest version.

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