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Thread: How to configure VPN connection on iPad 3

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    How to configure VPN connection on iPad 3

    I know its bit old but I recently bought an iPad 3. This is my first ever Apple device and am very happy to use it. It is amazing for movies, games and of course for web browsing. So far I connect it only with WiFi (No 3G) at my home. Sometimes when I go out and in urgency I also connect it with Public WiFi. This is my concern.

    Actually I feel some security problems while accessing public WiFi. Hence wanted to secure it with VPN connection as I do on my laptop. So can anyone please tell me how can we configure a secure VPM|N connection on iPad 3?

    Thanks for all your helps in advance.

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    Re: How to configure VPN connection on iPad 3

    All Apple iPads are compatible with PPTP, IPSec, and L2TP VPN server and most importantly the iPad comes with VPN client. So it is very easy to setup VPN connection on your device. Lets start the process.

    • Open Settings on your iPad and tap General > Network.
    • Here on the left side click VPN and turn it On.
    • Now select Add VPN Configuration
    • Now depending on your available WIFI select PPTP, L2TP, or IPSec. Whichever of this you select, configure the settings accordingly such as Description, Server, Account, Password etc.
    • Once done, Tap on VPN on the left side again and Enable the same.

    That’s it. Now your browsing will be over VPN and you will also see your IP address.

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    Re: How to configure VPN connection on iPad 3

    Thank you very much Master, thats exactly what i wanted to know. I'll give it a try and let you know if any problem occurs. :-*

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    Re: How to configure VPN connection on iPad 3

    Here is the simplest way of setting up VPN on an iPad:
    • Settings > General > Network > VPN
    • Add VPN Configuration

    Enter Server Details:
    • Server =
    • Account = Username
    • RSA Secure ID = Off
    • Encryption = Auto
    • Password = xxxxxxx
    • Send all Traffic = ON

    You are done !

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