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Thread: Budget Aakash Tablet will be more improved

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    Budget Aakash Tablet will be more improved

    It is in news that the budget Aakash tablet will be much more improved and better compared to the older version. When the tablet was released it was in news and it was termed as world’s cheapest tablet. It has been designed with a point of view of educational device.

    Now the government is planning to give a much better low-cost tablet that will have a sim slot also. The processor and RAM also will be more upgraded so that number of different application can work. There is no confirmation about the android version installed on Aakash tablet.

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    Re: Budget Aakash Tablet will be more improved

    I had seen the same news that was published on economic times. As per the news the new tablet will feature a much faster processor and good RAM. I hope they will also add some internal memory to load e-books. The price of the tablet is around Rs. 2300. So at that price range we’re surely going to get a much better device for study purposes. The old version was not good enough and it was very slow in performance also. So it has become a bit complicated to find out a proper way to use it.

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    Re: Budget Aakash Tablet will be more improved

    I think we already have some of the better models compared to Aakash tablet. There aren’t many manufacturers like wishtel, micro max, Videocon, etc which are already in a procedure of giving budget with much better interface and design.

    I had seen the old version of Aakash tablet used by cousin. It was not so great. The touchscreen was very slow and it lacked a good performance processor also. These tablets are made on Chinese hardware which makes them more and weaker.

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    Re: Budget Aakash Tablet will be more improved

    The government should start some kind of unity or department which must be capable of researching new gadgets and technology. And it must give opportunity to the entire IT giant who can provide their skills and abilities to import best quality technology in India at much cheaper price. We have just buying some cheap device from other countries and helping them to grow.

    Our government should create a separate department that can research on this kind of gadget and produce everything in-house.

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    Re: Budget Aakash Tablet will be more improved

    I do not think it is possible in next 50 years. We’re having everything. We’re having funds, infrastructure etc. but still the government is directly buying this kind of gadget from other countries. It is possible to develop and invent the same kind of technology at a much cheaper price and distributed among everyone. Akaash two tablets will be better compared to older version and I hope in future we can expect to get devices like iPad. But that is going to take a few more hundred years.

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