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Thread: Unable to save game in call of duty black ops

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    Unable to save game in call of duty black ops

    Hello friends, I have brought a new COD: Black Ops yesterday and it worked extremely well with my system .It is essentially a cool game to have. I like all its characteristics and I am so much involved in this game that I am incessantly playing the game since yesterday. On playing the game I establish out that I wasn't able to save the game for all the maps that I finished. This has occurred twice and once more and again I have to start from the beginning which is quite pitiable. So please can someone help me to discover out how can I save the game.

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    Re: Unable to save game in call of duty black ops

    Hey you have the alternative save command in the menu where you will be capable to in fact go and save the game that you are playing. When you click on the save button the computer will save the game till you have played and when you once more set up playing the game you will be redirect to the place where you had last time stopped up. So if that doesn't work than you will be capable to also make use of the console commands for the game. The console commands are still not with me. I the mean while you will be able to look for the web and observe if you are capable to locate any.

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    Re: Unable to save game in call of duty black ops

    Hey you can make use of the console command game. Save, to save the game and once more resume it from where you have saved. The game will be saved in your pc hard drive with some dot extension .you have to begin the innovative game and then call the game from the previously saved game. You will be capable to also save the game at whatever locations you wish for and can begin from which ever locations you like. Make certain you have a lot of free space on your hard disk for your game to be effectively saved.

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    Re: Unable to save game in call of duty black ops

    There is method to bypass the bug faced ever time when you play and arrive at at a certain mission and then close the Call of duty Black Ops game and after some time when you launch the game once more and get no "Resume Game" choice. Simply, click on the Campaign mode in the main menu and you will come across with alternative to play new-fangled game, intel, and level select I suppose. Then press Escape button on your keyboard and go to the main menu of the game again, this time once more click on Campaign mode and you would be then capable to become aware of the "Resume Game" options listed in this display.

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    Re: Unable to save game in call of duty black ops

    Go to your install folder and right click on "BlackOps" for single player or "BlackOpsMP" for multiplayer and choose "Run as Administrator". This resolve all the matter i was facing while playing COD-BlackOps.

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