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Thread: How can I add a my credit card in Windows 8

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    How can I add a my credit card in Windows 8

    In Windows Store there are some applications that are chargeable. But when I try to click on them nothing happens. Windows 8 will need to payment to give me that application and there is no buy option is available. Just to test I clicked on the web version of windows store and the application is not available on my system. I think there is a way to add credit cart in Windows 8 through which I can buy a set of apps. I need some help with the same. And also is it secure to use.

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    Re: How can I add a my credit card in Windows 8

    Windows 8 is quiet similar to Google Play. In Google Play when you click on paid app it automatically redirects you to a payment gateway. But in Windows 8 you will have to add the account details and then through that you can buy stuff.

    I do not know whether it is secure or not but to some extent I am not at all ready to share my personal account information. It can be risky. Just go in the store settings and add your account.

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    Re: How can I add a my credit card in Windows 8

    Here is the complete process. In the start screen click on Store. No move your mouse point to the right side to open charm bar. In that come at the low end and there you can see settings. Click on Your Account. After that in the Your Account checking you can find a payment and billing info section.

    Click on Add Payment method. Fill all the important information here. It supports PayPal and Credit Card right now. Microsoft charges a small amount on it and then it activated.

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    Re: How can I add a my credit card in Windows 8

    I had seen this for the first time that Windows 8 is giving a credit card option in Windows 8. I think integrating your account directly for payment and authenticating can generate more risk. It would be complicated if your system is hacked all your personal details will be leak. We all know how safe windows is. It is recommended that you must use a more secure gateway. There must be ample of protection in your system so that no virus or malicious code can capture your confidential information.

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    Re: How can I add a my credit card in Windows 8

    Compare to adding a credit card you must stick with PayPal. That is one of the best ways. Because in PayPal you can control the amount. You can put only the amount which is needed to buy a app or else leave it empty. I always keep my PayPal account separate.

    I transfer some money every month from my online account to PayPal to keep the balance at level. It gives a mental satisfaction also. Because if even my account is hacked, the attacker will only get a limited amount, but if my credit care information is leaked them I will be in great trouble.

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