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Thread: List of Windows 7 widely used keyboard shortcuts

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    List of Windows 7 widely used keyboard shortcuts

    I am going to list some of the most common Windows 7 shortcuts. This are also called as hotkeys or you can say work accelerator. This allows you to work easily and perform a number of operations in much easier way. You can work more easily with menu and run ready to use command to perform a set of action. Now there are number of new hotkeys that many does not knows.

    Check the list below:

    1. Keys like Right Shift can enable filter keys if hold for some time.
    2. To switch to high contrast mode instantly just press left alt + shift and print screen key.
    3. To turn on sticky key just press the shift key five times.
    4. To run each of access center just press windows key + u.
    5. To check out the properties of selection object just press Alt + Enter.

    6. If you want to view all application in the format they are opened then press Alt + Esc.

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    Re: List of Windows 7 widely used keyboard shortcuts

    Those are bit useful. There are many shortcuts that are still not aware by many. I think working with custom key settings is one of the best way to work with keyboard on windows. I am not able to locate a right tool that can really allow me to create a custom key profile. Like by Press Ctrl + W I want Word to start, in the same way Ctrl + E I want to configure Excel. I am using some tools but they are not at all effect.

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    Re: List of Windows 7 widely used keyboard shortcuts

    I know some keyboard shortcut that work well for Dialog box. Like to move through tab you will need to use Ctrl + Tab. To move backward just add Shift on it. To check out different set of options use Tab.

    To select checkboxes you will need to use space key. I took a long time to find out this. But using the space key you can add a tick mark in the check box or simply enable a radio button. Windows help section does not display the full list of all use full commands.

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    Re: List of Windows 7 widely used keyboard shortcuts

    It is not possible all the time you can work with keyboard shortcuts. It will be annoying. I am quiet use to windows logo key. There are many things you can do while for other I prefer to use mouse. Like when press pause button with windows logo key you can find a system property dialog box. And if you want to instantly search a computer on the network you will need to press ctrl + windows key + f. that are all you will be able to locate a computer in the network.

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    Re: List of Windows 7 widely used keyboard shortcuts

    It is right that windows is having a very long list of shortcut keys. I can refer you some remote desktop shortcut that really works and offer you a easy usage.

    You can simply use Alt + Page up to switch between programs. To display start menu you have to press Alt + Home key. To open system menu you will have to press Alt + Delete. The shortcut used in remote connection is entirely different compared to what you use on regular windows. ost) program.

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