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Thread: Nokia working on some Windows tablets

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    Nokia working on some Windows tablets

    If you are not seen this, then you must watch out the rumors on web. According to some of them, Nokia is working on Windows RT tablet that might be able to beat Surface. Microsoft has promoted Surface as one of the best tablets in the market but it still very costly and Nokia has till yet not provided any tablet device. It is one of the leading smartphone manufacturers which have stuck to Windows Phone.

    I think they will give some surprise in New Year.

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    Re: Nokia working on some Windows tablets

    Those are just rumors. I had also seen them. There are certain reports which were posted on some site where they say that Nokia is going to release a Windows tablet next year. There was no confirmation given on the exact date of the release.

    But it will be good to find that Nokia is also in the race. Samsung has already rocking the market by giving Galaxy Tab as one of the finest budget tablet available but on older Android OS. Other than Surface there is no windows tablet released yet.

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    Re: Nokia working on some Windows tablets

    Microsoft is simply overcharging on the existing surface tablet. And I think Nokia can only break that by offering a more budget device in the market. Windows is a chargeable OS and due to which many manufacturer does not put hand in making device on it. Windows tablet will be better but I do nothing it will be able to beat android devices which has consumed around 70% market. And on that tablet like Surface and iPad lies to some specific sector only.

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    Re: Nokia working on some Windows tablets

    I had also seen that. Seriously Nokia is working on something like that. They are trying to create a more budget friendly windows tablet that will be loaded with good features and better battery life. I do not understand how it will be able to stand between Android and iPad. But still we checkout. As per the information that I got, the tablet will have some kind of keyboard cover. So that looks similar to surface. But yet no tablet in the market is coming with a keyboard. This kind be one of the first kind with keyboard.

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