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Thread: Far Cry 3 new patch adds more option to the HUD

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    Far Cry 3 new patch adds more option to the HUD

    If you had not performed or downloaded the new Far Cry 3 patch then you must do that at once. It offers you new set of option to be added in the HUD. This time you can modify more settings and manage the things on desktop. Also the patch is capable of giving you a more stable platform. It has number of fixes that makes your game to perform well and work in better way. I will recommend you to download run the patch and see what all new features are added. If you want you guys can download the patch from below given URL

    Download Far Cry 3 PC Patch 1.04

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    Re: Far Cry 3 new patch adds more option to the HUD

    It just adds an option to enable things on the desktop like you can find the images on web. I think the patch is not at all beneficial if your game is working fine. If your game is not working well then you fan face this kind of problem. Far Cry 3 is a good game and it is working nice so I am not willing to screw it and make any changes.

    Other than this whatever on hud is good enough. All option is needed. I had seen the screenshot of that patch and it is not so effective.

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    Re: Far Cry 3 new patch adds more option to the HUD

    The patch fixes a number of issues. Even if your game is working well then also it is recommended that you must download that and install the same in your pc. I will add more flexibility to your game. It is not at all complicated to install it I think the patch is in very little size. You can find the download from official website. The HUD thing offers you more customization and it is easy to use also. You can simply enable or disable component on the active screen which disturb you much.

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    Re: Far Cry 3 new patch adds more option to the HUD

    The patches are released to make your gameplay more stable. This patch does the same thing. It offers you a stable gameplay with better option. The HUD thing is just add-on. The patch has number of bug fixes that people are facing while playing the game. One of the more common is black screen while launching the game.

    You can simply find out the performance just after installing the same and I am sure it is going to work really well. You can find the difference after installing it.

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