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Thread: How to bypass Torrent through Norton Internet Security

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    How to bypass Torrent through Norton Internet Security

    I'm going to make a short guide that will tell you how to bypass Torrent from Norton Internet security. Many antiviruses like these are designed to block Torrent traffic. So the chances are available to unlock it and also not to turn your antivirus. So that you can remain secure while downloading files from Torrent.

    The first thing you have to do is to check that your personal firewall is turned off. Many antivirus come with their own firewall. So you have to just bypass the torrent application under exclusion list and you're done. Because you tell the firewall not to block the application.

    You can find that under settings > personal firewall > configure to > add the torrent .exe here. After applying the settings Norton Internet security will not block your download.

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    Re: How to bypass Torrent through Norton Internet Security

    Torrent is not automatically blocked by the antivirus. But many new antiviruses come with the setting that blocks this kind of download. The reason for that is many torrent files come with virus that is distributed among the entire network through this mode. So that is the reason many antivirus does not allow torrent to download any file or install any application related to that. But there are possibilities to disable the settings and allow torrent to download files from Internet.

    That is the reason I am using a free edition of antivirus that does not come the complicated settings.

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    Re: How to bypass Torrent through Norton Internet Security

    I think firewall is the only thing that blocks the incoming and outgoing traffic. A number of time in the antivirus firewall is turned off Windows firewall can create problems. And even if you turn off of that also then any fireball inside the router can create blockage of torrent. So if you're a bigger network you have to ensure that firewall is turned off or simply the torrent application is added under the exclusion list. Many ISP will not allow you to do this if they had protected the network from router. On that point we can use some third-party application that allowed torrent download.

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    Re: How to bypass Torrent through Norton Internet Security

    For security purposes nobody will allow you to disable the router firewall or to play with antivirus settings unless you are using it for your own personal usage. You can go in the router directly by packing the IP address and simply turn of the firewall.

    The firewall is not causing the problem to have to check that your ISP has allowed you to download the files. Or else this kind of issue will be common. There are number of third party download manager that allow you to download torrent files and manage other magnetic url. It is best to use the most secure place to download files.

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