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Thread: Best Launchers for Android Jelly Bean Smartphones and Tablets

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    Best Launchers for Android Jelly Bean Smartphones and Tablets

    I am looking for some of the best Android launchers that are available today. I am using two devices at my home. The first one has Gingerbread and the second one has ICS. I think a number of launchers that are available on the web come for ICS. So that does not really matter for what the launchers are available. I just want some of the best here.

    I am using Go launcher right now and fed up with the same. It is having the same kind of interface. I am sure there will be some best launchers available that are not yet tested. I went to Google Play and found a set of launchers in which many of were paid and I do not want to buy that. I am ready to buy if it is the best. So just views by the people who are using Android and the launchers that are available for the same.

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    Re: Best Launchers for Android Jelly Bean Smartphones and Tablets

    According to me Go Launcher Ex is one of the best launcher that are made for Android devices. It is made for both ICS and Gingerbread. This launcher has that entire thing that you look to control your Android device and it is available for tablets as well for Smartphone’s. I like the uniqueness of common interface that is used on both the devices. You can find a free and updated version both. I am not sure about the paid version of this same launcher.

    The launcher offers you additions stuff like cleaner and task manager which are not provided on other launchers. Also you can simply sort the icon and remove apps directly if you want. And if you love a bit flashy type effect then have a look on ADWLauncher EX. This adds a dock on the screen like one we can found on desktop pc. It is a paid launcher but good. You can get some 3D effects on your screen. And if you something for smooths scrolling and multi screen view then have a look on Launcher Pro.

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    Re: Best Launchers for Android Jelly Bean Smartphones and Tablets

    For 3D stuff on the mobile phone the best launcher that I found was Regina 3D launcher. It gives you a 3D desktop to change the screen view and it is quiet good in the performance. It is designed to work on 800 MHz CPU also. The launcher offers you an option to set around 16 shortcuts that you can change through 3D view. And it s free.

    Another launcher that comes in the same free category is ADW launcher. It is simple but good for old phones. And for smartphone with bigger screen you can have a look on MX Home Launcher. This one allows you to launch application in 3D format. And it really works well.

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    Re: Best Launchers for Android Jelly Bean Smartphones and Tablets

    The three launchers that I had tested recently was Launcher 7, SPB Shell 3D and Crazy Home.

    The first one Launcher 7 gives a look for Windows phone. It has a tile based alignment of all icons and other applications. It is good and works smoother. While in the other one SPB Shell is one of the most popular module launcher and screen available used in Windows as well as on Android devices? Whatever launcher I had told is paid and you can get some of the best effect from them. You can check out them on Google play and I am sure you can find some working screenshot that can give you an idea how it works.

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    Re: Best Launchers for Android Jelly Bean Smartphones and Tablets

    There are awesome launchers available on Google Play. I can give you a good list that really works. It is Zeam Launcher, Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher, etc. I found this launcher with some nice effect and they really work well. It is quiet easy to use them. You must not check out the kind of desktop visual features.

    It is necessary that you must be comfortable in using them or it will be annoying for you to find out where are the icons and other stuff. And above all the settings to customize the same as per your need is more important.

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    Re: Best Launchers for Android Jelly Bean Smartphones and Tablets

    Have you guys used any of the Xperia 2012 series mobile phones? If yes, did you loved the launcher of those mobiles?

    Personally i love the Sony's own default launcher which is provided with only sony mobiles. It has several features which help you navigate the phone along with files and folders. Good news is that, now Sony launcher is also available for all android running smartphones.

    If you want you can download its .apk file from here.

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