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Thread: How to share Android Mobile Internet with PC

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    How to share Android Mobile Internet with PC

    There are numbers of app available that guarantee to, that they can share your Mobile internet with PC. But none of them works. I am working on this problem from long time and at last able to find a solution that really works. You can use your Mobile Phone internet on your PC. Now there are two way of doing that.

    First through the usb cable or connectivity cable that you receive with the phone and for that you will need to read my guide. The second option is through Wifi hotspot app or integrated settings. Many Smartphone comes with Wi-fi hotspot feature. You just need to go in the Settings > Usb Tethering / Wifi / Portable hotspot and enable it. If your phone does not support that then you can read my article on sharing the same with pc.

    The guide is dividing into two parts. First Configuring the Mobile Settings so that it can share the internet and Second making some changes to your PC settings to accept the connection. I had also marked below to download a set of drivers that will help you to enable internet sharing.

    Let’s begin with Mobile Sharing:

    Go in your Android Settings and Enable DATA/Mobile Packet. This option is necessary because it will keep your internet active. The actual settings to enable that is Settings > Wifi/Wireless & Network > Mobile Network/Network > Data. Tap on it or simply add a checkmark to a tiny box next to it. In some mobile phone it will be listed as Data Roaming. Enable that. Now as I had said above there are two option to share a Android Mobile net with PC. First is the easiest one. Wifi Hotspot and the second one is USB Tethering.

    Wi-fi Hotspot: This setting is available in many smartphone. I am here talking about smartphones only. Basic phone does not come with this option. But devices loaded with Gingerbread can get the settings. Just go to the settings menu and there look for Wifi & Network or Wireless & Network. In that click on Tethering / Portable Wi-fi / Wi-fi Hotspot / Wireless Hotspot and enable it. Once you are done with that you can simply add a network password based on the most common wi-fi standard. Use WPA2 here. Add a unique password so that your web cannot be accessed by others. Then simply go to your Desktop / Laptop and turn on your Wi-Fi. In Windows 7 under Network and Sharing Center you can find the list of existing Wi-Fi connection. Choose it and click on Connect button and type the password. That’ all. Based on your Telecom provider network you will get a decent speed.

    USB Tethering: Android versions before Gingerbread are complicated for this process. You have to download a set of application for Mobile and for the PC to configure it. But in new updated OS this is getting easier. In the settings menu there is dedicated option offered for USB Tethering. You just have to tap that to enable it and then some settings on the PC and the net is on. This is for those who are not having a wifi connection. First go in Settings and just look for USB Tethering. It is located somewhere in Wireless & Network. Just enable it and you are done. This will enable the settings from Mobile side and now we will checkout what is needed form PC Side.

    Whatever is your system Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 you will need to download a right Android Mobile Modem Driver. That driver can be available only on the manufacturer website. I think for Android devices there is no universal driver available. By default all PC Suite software that comes with Mobile CD or the one that you found on the official website for download has modem driver. This driver helps your PC to use the phone as modem. Now you can go on web and search for RNDIS Driver. This works for Windows XP and if you are on Windows 7 then you can try Windows Update to get some new drivers based on the device you had connected.

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    Re: How to share Android Mobile Internet with PC

    You forget to mention one thing. For Windows XP you will need to go for a manual process and then only it is going to work well. You will need to get the right RNDIS driver and after that you will need to install WindowsXP-KB959765-x86-ENU update. Without that it is not going to work. It is much easier in Windows 7 compared to Windows XP. USB Tethering is possible only if you find the right drivers. The modem driver for the phone is one of the most essential part required.

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    Re: How to share Android Mobile Internet with PC

    If you are using ICS, then there is no need to look for drivers I think. It will automatically detect the device and through Windows Update or default windows driver settings you can get the right driver. It is right that you need the correct modem drivers to work on the internet through your mobile internet or else it will not work. There are some applications that activate USB tethering directly and you can use it as per your need.

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