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Thread: How to block anyone on Facebook Chat only

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    How to block anyone on Facebook Chat only

    Hey guys, i need a small tip from you all. I have many friends on facebook and use to chat with them. But there are few guys who i dont want to block or remove completely from my friends list but i just want to block them from Facebook Chat. I mean, i want to restrict them to chat me on facebook but we must be able to get each other's updates. Is it possible? Because when i tried doing it myself, i just found the option to "Turn Off" entire chat. So i would like to know if there is any way we can restrict specific persons to chat with us on facebook.

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    Re: How to block anyone on Facebook Chat only

    Yes it is possible and it is right there in the Chat settings. Below are the steps you can go through to block specific person from chatting you:

    Start by clicking the small icon in the Chat and click Advanced Settings:

    Now you will see a pop up box. Select first option, that is "Turn on chat for all friends except"

    Now enter the name of the guys whom you dont want to chat. Thats it.

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    Re: How to block anyone on Facebook Chat only

    Ohh Yeah, it was really very simple and i wasn't able to get it. Thank you very much for letting me know this. Appreciated.

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