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Thread: How to bridge network connection on PC

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    How to bridge network connection on PC

    I have a DSL internet connection at my home. It is a 2mbps line and I want to create a network bridge to share the same with other devices. I am not able to find a proper solution for the same. But I know there is some option available through which I can do that. I went to my friend’s home. He is using his internet connection in such a way that it is configured on the wifi. Other devices like mobile can access his internet. But the net is shared through his system.

    I want some help to do the same. I am not able to find the right tutorials on the same. Any idea or easy way how to do that.

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    Re: How to bridge network connection on PC

    It is not at all complicated if you are on a Windows 7 PC. You just have to go in Network and Sharing Center and find the settings for Network Adapter. Just right click on that and choose Bridge connection. That's all your job is done. Other devices on the network will be able to access your internet connection without problem. There is no severe networking job require here.

    It is also not complicate to modify the settings. When you bridge the connection the other devices that are on the network are able to get a temp IP to share the internet bandwidth through your system. I am not sure about the process in Windows XP.

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    Re: How to bridge network connection on PC

    I will tell you the process for Windows XP. I had done this a number of times. For that you have to go in Start > Control Panel > Network & Internet Connection. In that you will be able to see your active settings. I hope you are not on domain or on gpo that can cause the failure. To modify the settings you have to be the admin of your network. Or else the procedure will be not complicated. Go to Network Policy and then choose the connection that you want to bridge. Choose to create bridge and then choose Internet Connection sharing. If it is not available then look for Internet Connection Firewall. Form here you can add bridge and then move ahead.

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    Re: How to bridge network connection on PC

    I think bridging network connection is not at all complicated but to some extent it does not offer stable performance. I had seen on many laptop bridging offers a complicated process and it does not work many time. The best way is to add a router and then leave it. I bought one at a very reasonable rate. You can find a proper router online. Buy it and just connect that on your network. It will automatically configure the network and you will be able to share the same network with others.

    The best part of using Wifi is that it has an auto DHCP. It allows a temp ip to all the devices on the network and they can share internet with local files.

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    Re: How to bridge network connection on PC

    It is proper to have a router than bridging it. I am trying to do that on Windows Vista, but still it is not working. It is a bit complicated to find proper settings. A number of times you have to manually offer a static IP and then go in the modem or router to enable bridge mode.

    The bandwidth is also not proper in that. With router configuration on dhcp it works in much better way. Windows 7 might be having a very easy configuration but somehow it becomes complicated to find proper solution when you are facing problem with connectivity. So getting a router is one of the best choices to deal with the problem. Also it has a common standard to share files or internet on wifi.

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