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Thread: Online version of PlayStation Store is finally live

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    Online version of PlayStation Store is finally live

    Those who are not aware I want to inform them that the online version of Sony PlayStation Live Store is live know. I just got the news. I am really happy to find the online version of Sony store. This atleast give us an independence of buying games online directly. Through the web browser also it allows to see the latest offering. Microsoft has did this long before and till yet it has become a important source of communication for the gamers. I think in future Sony is going to start some more new services which help the games to.

    Get integrated with the games they need to buy on the PlayStore.

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    Re: Online version of PlayStation Store is finally live

    I never thought that Sony is going to take so much time. They must have done this long time before. Compared to them Microsoft is much more ahead. It has already built a set of application and software that are capable of interacting with gamers on any part of World through any platform. I am quite happy with that. I have a Playstation at my home. It is really not going to put much impact but it will give the user a option to react with the new offers and game. It looks Sony is trying to create a versatile network of its portal through which it can display it latest games and offers.

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    Re: Online version of PlayStation Store is finally live

    Why Sony took so much time. They must have done this before. I was using that on my PS3 only. So I was not at all aware that there is no web version of PlayStation Store. But it is really happy to find that. I think it is going to give us a more flexible environment to get PS3 games and all related update on the same. A short code that I had seen on the news about the store is that when you buy a game through the web version it lies in the Purchase History. So that the users can them go back in his playstation and then download the full edition of game as per his choice. This is not at all complicated.

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    Re: Online version of PlayStation Store is finally live

    That’s cool. But Sony is following the steps of Microsoft and they had done this after a very long time. And I hope this is applicable for PS3 Vita also. I had tried to access that web store. I was getting an error that says – “The Sony Entertainment Network Store is not currently supported by this browser” What does this error means?

    I am getting this on the latest version of Opera. I looks they are still working on the same. It is a bit annoying to find that the playstore is released finally and now they are showing this kind of error to visit the website. I hope this is going to fixed soon.

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    Re: Online version of PlayStation Store is finally live

    Did you try Try this link it is working. I thought the website will be flashy or will have some better look. But it is just like a regular site. Compare to this Xbox site looks far more perfect. It is not complicated to find any game in that. There is a “sign in” column in that page. You can login with your PS3 id in that. It keeps a record of your purchase. And when you are done you can get the same from the PS store on your gaming console. Above all I do not like the interface at all. It is a bit dull. But the single portal offers you a full access to game of ps3, psp, ps move, etc. It is a one stop store.

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