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Thread: Troubleshooting when Mac CPU is heating up and working slow

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    Troubleshooting when Mac CPU is heating up and working slow

    Compared to Windows, Mac is entirely a different OS and runs on different platform. Many of us are aware that Apple gives use best hardware at highest rate. And we can get a relief in our mind that our Mac is best in the world. Unlike Windows, services cannot eat up processor and consume all RAM. To some extent we are on right track. But due to some similarities in the architecture of hardware and software the problem that appears on Windows can also affect Mac.

    I am here going to target the most common issue. Cpu Heat and Slow Performance. Buying Mac is not like buying a super computer. It has the same kind of processor and memory which can be occupied completely. In Windows we get more transparency. While in Mac we get a better architecture. So my guide is going to help those who find their working slow and also a bit heating up.

    The easiest way to find is Process Monitor. Mac comes with one similar application inbuilt and also you can download a set of third party software which is capable of giving you more distinct information. So first you have to do is to find good temperature monitor software for Mac and good Process Monitor. In Mac you can find Activity Monitor easily. It is a nice and easy to understand utility. For finding cpu temp you will need a separate application. Temperature Monitor by Marcel Bresink is good tool.

    The next step begins with finding the cause of heating processor and slow output. In Activity Monitor you can find a set of services which are using your cpu at higher rate. It can be a video game, a web browser, a download manager, etc. You have to ensure that you must run it only when you are not working on your Mac system. So that your work is not interrupted. You must also try to find a good and reasonable alternative which is good on utilizing resources. Not consuming it entirely. You can give your Mac a break in between hours of 5 to 10 minutes by completing turning it off. So that the hardware can get cool down. Below are some more steps that can help you.

    Clean Storage and faster hard drive: Many Mac does not come with SSD. They are with a thin hard drive with moving parts. The hard drive rpm define the performance of system. A number of time we overload the system with games and multimedia files. Remove the programs that are not needed. Keep your startup as clean as you can. Arrange heavy files properly at the beginning of partition.

    Clean unwanted stuff: Avoid keeping stuff in your recycle bin. There are some set of software that can optimize your Mac performance. You can also ensure that updates run only when you are not using it. Do not run higher number of application at a single time. No OS offers use a memory manager that can tell us what amount memory must be allowed to a program to use. So we have to rely on virtual memory. It is better if you can upgrade your ram in case of low performance. Tools like Appzapper are good to wipe out unwanted stuff.

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    Re: Troubleshooting when Mac CPU is heating up and working slow

    Those were useful stuff. I own a Macbook. From last few months the performance is degraded. I verified through a system monitor and found that the drive performance is poor. I use some disk wipe out software and remove unwanted stuff. I gain more than 30% of performance. The mac gets slower as time goes on due to new things installed in it. Like updates or software that we keep on adding in it.

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