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Thread: Skyrim DLC "Dragonborn" for PlayStation 3 download

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    Skyrim DLC "Dragonborn" for PlayStation 3 download

    As a PS3 user, i've been waiting for this news since a October when Bathesda released the a Skyrim v downloadable content for PC gamers. Finally i saw tweet by Bathesda couple of days ago saying this:

    But am not able to findout more information on this release. Can anyone here please tell me when are they launching the Skyrim "Dragonborn" DLC for PlayStation 3? Thank you for all helps.

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    Re: Skyrim DLC "Dragonborn" for PlayStation 3 download

    Bathesda has been trying to put the DLC for PS3 users as well since a long time but they have everytime declined it because of several performance problems for the developers and PS3 system version of the DLC, hence it has never been happened so far. But this time it appears like Bathesda developers have almost done the job and hence they tweeted saying "we're also close on new Skyrim content for PS3" on November 7th. So, it is confirmed that PlayStation 3 will get the Dragonborn downloadable content very soon on PS3 but yet there is no announcement on the exact release date. We still need to wait and i think we can do that because (atleast) they have confirmed the launch.

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    Re: Skyrim DLC "Dragonborn" for PlayStation 3 download

    There is no final date available for PS3. But for Xbox 360 the same DLC is coming at 4th Dec 2012. There were certain bugs and issue that the game company is dealing and due to which we are not getting the exact date of dlc. I am too egarly waiting for the right date. There are assumptions on it, but I will recommend you to wait back for atleast end of this month. There might be some final news on the release date.

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    Re: Skyrim DLC "Dragonborn" for PlayStation 3 download

    I had also seen the Xbox news about Skyrim DLC which is coming on 4th December, 2012. I am sure people will get the dlc very soon. I am playing the same on PC and the DLC is quiet awesome. I hope the improvement of dlc on gaming console will far more better compared to a pc. I just want to ask that will there be something addition or something special for the gaming console. I had see the game companies offers additional stuff like tracks or unlocks.

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