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Thread: Android 4.2 JellyBean Features - The Fake App Killer

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    Android 4.2 JellyBean Features - The Fake App Killer

    We all know that Android is one of the most popular mobile operating systems which captured a major portion of mobile industry in very less period of time. There were time, people have no choice to get the best from iOS, and Symbian was just behind the rabbit. Android delivered a unique and yet very easy platform, which created revolution in mobile devices. That gave new life to Tablets and smartphones. But it does not mean that we are having something really awesome.

    With the new platform, new threat appears. No OS is perfect in the world. There are certain bugs and vulnerability that make them weaker and prone to attack. I still remember some of the recent news that Cleary explain how android is ocean of malware. There are genuine and fake apps. Unlike iOS, when reported Apple removes fake applications from the App store, also a dedicated team of developers are responsible to check what whatever goes online, must be legit. In Android this is not so powerful due to open source. Many open source softwares and OS are available for free. What they lack is good tech support. While on the other hand commercial OS are highly paid to improve themselves, and Open Source struggle their way to ethical interest. Still that does not means that Android is not completely unsafe. And Android 4.2 is with those upgrades. Loaded with some new security features this OS is improving day by day.

    Android 4.2 is designed to deal with fake applications. On Google Play you can find tons of third party software and among them it is not possible to find which is legit and which is not. So here you are having chance to upgrade your OS to 4.2 and get more security.

    Android 4.2 comes with a app scanning engine. This engine is capable of identifying applications in disguise. You can then allow or disallow it for installation. As malware loves Android, so there are more than hundreds of thousand malware on this platform. Users are innocent to identify them. This is because Android itself does not come with some kind of scanner to detect malicious code. Thanks to the developers who thought about the security this time.

    With internal app scanning engine, the OS identifies the applicable genuinty. And then you choose to install or not to install it. The feature keeps a keen eye on the installed applications also. So you have a kind of protection from the core itself.

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    Re: Android 4.2 JellyBean Features - The Fake App Killer

    Check the below screen. It is a shot image shared by many website on the web. One of them is ComputerWorld. The left side of image offers you bit minimum information. It is Android 4.1 and the right side has more detail. Other than security feature, Android 4.2 JellyBean comes with a new and improved camera features.

    The first thing which his primarily highlighted is a dedicated home screen for each person. This adds two new things to the OS. This time you can create multiple users in the device, and second you can give each of them a customized home screen. It is more like having more than one account in Windows or Ubuntu based computers. You can add widgets, places shortcut or even put your favorite image in the background.

    Also the new update will add some more benefit for those who love to view their photos and videos on bigger screen. The sharing option is much more improved and it offers many new things in additions. The overall performance is more optimized giving more responsive to your device. The update is not provided for all devices. Check your software update section to get new JellyBean 4.2
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