We have been enjoying NFS video game since years on our PCs and Gaming Consoles. Its now time to enjoy it on our Portable Devices. Yeah, thats correct. Electronic Arts has today announced the game for Android and iOS devices for Rupees 350/- and 390/- respectively. We dont need to provide description about Need for Speed game because we all know what is it and how to play. Only the thing matter is to describe the "Most Wanted" factor. Its too very simple, the motto of entering this race is to simply become most wanted.

With NFS Most Wanted on Android and iOS, we get world's 35 most exciting cars that includes SRT Viper GTS, Porsche 911 Carrera S, and Hummer H1 Alpha, etc. This is the first time ever we going to experience graphics like this on Tablets and Smartphone. Infact we have never seen such clear Car Crash before on smartphones or tablets.

You can download NFS Most Wanted for Android and iOS from below locations: