Bathesda sold a good number of copies for their latest Dishonored and gamers as well enjoyed it very much thought they got few problems during gameplay or while installation. Even our members faced those in form of error messages and more. So today I thought to post all those errors produced with Dishonored game with their solutions. Hope you gamers will get some help from the same. Here they are:

Dishonored “Could not load image”

If you get this error message while launching the game than the simple is very simple. Instead of launching the game from desktop shortcut go to its installation folder under C:\Program Files. Open Dishonored folder and double click the dishonored Exe file to launch the game. If still you get the same error, than right click the exe file, go to compatibility tab and run it in Windows XP mode.

Dishonored 'The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142)'

Most of the times this error occurs with various other games. But there is nothing to worry. You just need to install Microsoft .NET Framework 4 and the problem will be fixed. You can download .Net 4 from here . Once installed, restart the system and start the game.

Dishonored ‘The Application failed to initialize properly (0xc000007b). Click Ok to terminate.’

You get the above mentioned error when Microsoft Visual C++ 2005, 2008 or 2010 us missing from your system. Hence the only solution is to install the same and error will disappear. You can download Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 from here

Dishonored "Failed to create D3D device”

If you get “Failed to create D3D device” while running the game, there are 2 possible reasons for the same. First is, either your video card’s drivers are not up to date. And second there is outdated edition of DirectX. You can search for the latest edition of DirectX from web and update the same. You can also test the beta edition of drivers to ensure that it is compatible or not. Ensure that the version of driver you are downloading must be compatible with your OS edition.

Dishonored “You are not allowed to continue because your do not have the proper privileges. Please log in using an account with administrator privileges and try again.”

The following error occurs if you are running the game on limited account. To troubleshoot the problem just right click on the game launcher and choose Run As > Administrator. If your system has password provide the same. IF this process does not work then login to the account which has maximum privileges and then launch the game. You can also simply add full access to the game launcher by Rightclick > Properties > Security.

Dishonored "Description: Incompatible Version of the RPC Stub"

To fix the problem you have to run mcrepair.exe. This file fixes the incompatible dll files which might not work well with the game installer. You can download mcrepaire from here.