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Thread: Unable to install Dishonored, error “Dishonored Install Fails, Cannot Install”

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    Unable to install Dishonored, error “Dishonored Install Fails, Cannot Install”

    Hello gamers,

    Need an urgent solution from you all. I bought a Dishonored copy today. When am trying to install the same on my PC, it fails every time saying “Dishonored Install Fails, Cannot Install”. I am sure my system config meet the recommended system requirements of the game, its an high end pc and I have play Call of Duty as well on this same computer. Than what is the problem with Dishonored ?

    I request you guys to please help me out installing the game. I really want to play this.

    Thank you for your helps in advance.

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    Re: Unable to install Dishonored, error “Dishonored Install Fails, Cannot Install”

    The source of the problem for this error on every video game is same, Microsoft C++. If dishonored fails to install because of the error message mentioned above, then it is he C++ causing problem for you. In order to fix it, you just need to reinstall C++. But before you do that don’t forget to completely uninstall Microsoft C++ from the Add and Remove programs.

    Most of the time you will find more than instance listed for the same in Add/Remove programs. Just uninstall all of them restart the computer and install Microsoft C++ again. Once finished installin C++, restart the system for the last time and start installing Dishonored. You wont be getting the error again. Let me know if you need any more help.

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    Re: Unable to install Dishonored, error “Dishonored Install Fails, Cannot Install”

    Hey Master, even am facing a very similar problem with Dishonored. As mentioned above, my installation fails as well but it wont give me any installation error.

    Let me explain it properly. Actually when I was installing it for the first time it was completed more than the halfway, my younger brother mistakenly push a power cable that resulted in the suddenly shutdown of my computer. I fixed the cable again and started the PC. I checked the Add and Remove programs, Dishonored was not installed yet. Hence I started the installation again but this time, the installer runs for 2 minutes and quits itself.

    There is no error, neither it is listed in Add/remove list nor the desktop shortcut created. Until now I have tried more than 5 times but facing same problem. Do you have any idea why is it not installing on my PC ?

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    Re: Unable to install Dishonored, error “Dishonored Install Fails, Cannot Install”

    I got the point friend. When you were trying to install the game for the first time, thought the PC got turned off in between but the game has already created and incomplete folder under your program files. And now when you are installing the same for the second, it is unable to overwrite the existing folder due to some unknown reason and hence the installation is not getting completed. So what you need to do is go to C:\Program Files and shift+delete the existing dishonored installation folder.

    Now go to Start > Programs > Accessories > and run Disk Cleanup. See if you get anything listed over here related to the game. If there is anything, select and remove the same. Now reboot the computer and when you come back, start installing game again. Am sure you will get it installed this time.

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