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Thread: Blackberry released Playbook OS 2.1 Updates

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    Blackberry released Playbook OS 2.1 Updates

    RIM has just notified that they had released the new version of Playbook OS. It is some version 2.1. It will offer new features. I tried to locate information on that but not able to get right answer. Has anyone done this? What new you got in the Playbook?

    I want to go for the same, but worried about the settings. I hope they are not wiped out. It would be a bit waste of time to reset each and everything back.

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    Re: Blackberry released Playbook OS 2.1 Updates

    No your data will not be wiped out. But it is better if you can have the backup. The new OS is better and has some new features that add more stability to the tablet. The new updates adds bit more functionality to the tablet. You can simply view or compose a message on the same screen. You can connect to other blackberry Smartphones on Bluetooth and share content.

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    Re: Blackberry released Playbook OS 2.1 Updates

    There are some enhancements done to the emails also. I am able to view the emails now in portrait mode also. It was not auto adjusted in previous OS.

    Apart from this I dint noticed anything else added interesting in this new version. The contacts and other stuff are more enhanced, provide a better outlook. One thing I agree that the apps are more stable this time. There is nice performance boost in the performance.

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    Re: Blackberry released Playbook OS 2.1 Updates

    You can find a bit more information on the same on Blackberry blog. I had performed the update recently and things are fine. The tablet looks to be faster. The update does not make changes to your internal data. I did not get much time to test all the stuff inside it. But I am quite happy to find the performance is much better.

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