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Thread: iOS6 battery drain problem with iPhone 4S and 5, solution

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    iOS6 battery drain problem with iPhone 4S and 5, solution

    Since i upgraded to the new iOS 6, i have been facing various problems such as Maps direction, WiFi Reception and now the most annoying Battery Drain Problem. I use to charge my battery fully (100%) and later when i check it after about 4 hours, it use to be 10 to 15%. Yeah, i'm talking about the normal usage, no videos or gaming. That is ridiculous. If i need to charge my phone 4 times a day, what is the sense in upgrading to iOS6. I was happy with the ios 5 itself where atleast my iPhone 4S was working for atleast 10 to 12 hours in one charge. Normally i just do browsing, text and phone calls. Nothing else.

    I know the problem is not with my iPhone 4S because one of my friend who is also using iPhone 5 having the same problem. Battery drains very quickly. The one common thing between of us is the iOS 6. So i blame this OS.

    Is there any fix for this Battery Drain in devices running with iOS 6 ? Please let me know.

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    Re: iOS6 battery drain problem with iPhone 4S and 5, solution

    Quote Originally Posted by Fadil View Post
    I use to charge my battery fully (100%) and later when i check it after about 4 hours, it use to be 10 to 15%.
    Well you should be happy about these stats buddy because mine goes down uptp 40% in just 2 hours. Yours is still running very good. Once difference is that i use to be connected on WiFi and other services. But that is necessary because this is why i bought the iPhone other wise i would have gone with some cheap mobile where we can only make and receive calls, isn't it.

    Hope Apple launches any fix for the same OR i can say iOS 6 is just useless where we need to charge our device 3 to 4 times a day.

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    Re: iOS6 battery drain problem with iPhone 4S and 5, solution

    There are millions of users around the world who reported battery drain issues after upgrading to the new iOS 6. Some of them have said that they loose about 35% in an hour while some say that they loose more than 70% in 2 hours . Infact each user had give different number of battery drain like one said he looses 15% every 30 minutes while a man said that he need to charge his phone every 2 hours. That is really ridiculous.

    Anyway, according to these stats what I came to know is there is some service or services eating up the battery depending on their usage and location. While talking about location, i did some research and came to know that the new Maps service is the one most probable cause that is draining the batteries in iOS6. There are many techie savvy officials who have reported Maps and Passbook app as the culprits and said that turning off location services will give you some relief and act as a temporary fix. That can be TRUE till far extent because these are the new services with the new OS and people were not facing the battery problem before upgrading to the same.

    So the best we can suggest our dear iPhone users (with iOS6) to keep these services disabled until you donít actually require them. Note the difference and reply back here.

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    Re: iOS6 battery drain problem with iPhone 4S and 5, solution

    The problem is not just when connected to WiF, 3G or Bluetooth. I have a friend using iPhone 5 with iOS6 and its battery drain about 45% in the night when all these connections use to be disabled. As I have bit knowledge about all these things, we both together tried to figure out the cause of the problem. I guess you (!!Master!!) are correct but here is what I concluded:

    Itís been 15 days he had upgraded to iOS6 and according to the bill he received from his service/network provided, his iPhone has consumed about 18GB of data in these two weeks. It is unbelievable for us. I mean, where all these data gone? Well, no matter where this data gone, but this could be one of the reasons that is eating up the battery as we all know the higher we download, higher we lose the battery. So from past 3 days we have kept everything offline and now we noticed some 60% of improvement in the battery life.

    But I donít think this is any kind of solution for battery drain with iOS6 because Ayushi said above, if we want to be offline and quit using these services and app then there is no use of iPhone. There must be any permanent solution for the same.

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    Re: iOS6 battery drain problem with iPhone 4S and 5, solution

    Hello guys, that was really great info and researches, keep it up. Even am facing battery issues with 4s since upgraded it. Finally it seem like I can prevent some of my battery charge by following these suggestions but as you all have mentioned this is not the proper solution, I think apple should indeed do something to fix it. BTW, am happy to sign up here.

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    Re: iOS6 battery drain problem with iPhone 4S and 5, solution

    Talking about permanent solution I have the one. You can try it out unless Apple do some work on the same. I upgraded to iOS6 very first day when it got released and started struggling with my batteries. After concentrating on its behavior I finally managed to get some fix for the same. This is what I do that helped to get control on the battery drain problems:

    • Every night when I go to sleep, I exit all running applications and plugin charger to my phone.
    • At morning when I wake up at 7, I turn off the device for half an hour until I get ready for my Office.
    • While leaving for office I start the device and use it normally with all services (WiFi, Bluetooth, Maps, Locations) and it works until 9 night, still I use to have 30 to 45% battery left.
    • Once or twice a week I take my battery below 5% and leave it for charging until it gets to 100%.

    Thatís it. Try out these steps for a week and reply me if you havenít sorted out your battery problems. Regards.

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