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Thread: Nokia Lumia 920 VS Galaxy S3 VS iPhone 5 VS Galaxy Note 2

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    Nokia Lumia 920 VS Galaxy S3 VS iPhone 5 VS Galaxy Note 2

    I am confused between these 4 devices. All are high price phones but yet some of the best available in market. I am looking for a proper comparison that can provide me more info on the phone and choose which one is better. I have eye on iPhone 5. It is too good, but the problem is price. Somewhere they have mentioned upto 1 lakh for iPhone. If I can collect that much amount then I will surely go for the same or else there are more alternatives.

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    Re: Nokia Lumia 920 VS Galaxy S3 VS iPhone 5 VS Galaxy Note 2

    You cannot compare anything with iPhone. This is one of the best devices that I had seen. It is awesome with great features and provides better benefits. Even price was good according to the features and hardware Apple provides but it was until Mr. Steve Jobs was running the company. I think still it is good but in India, don’t know for what reason they have just hiked the price so high.

    Compared to Nokia I prefer Samsung because of its internal features. It has the best touch in world. Also according to any device running with Android, no one can beat Samsung in the world. They are just the best and they proved it earlier with Galaxy S3 and now with Galaxy Note Tab 2. Both of this phones available in price range of 40,000/- is worth compared to Apple iPhone 5.iPhone is costly, but Samsung is the best cheaper alternative we have.

    Nokia is not planning to provide Android and it is still stuck with Windows Phone OS. However if we talk about Lumia 920, trust me, this is going to be best of all time handsets that Nokia has given to us. You can check the specifications here .

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    Re: Nokia Lumia 920 VS Galaxy S3 VS iPhone 5 VS Galaxy Note 2

    I trust nokia for performance. Because the phone offered more features and above all it is much more durable compared to any devices you have in the market. Samsung is fragile. I had spoiled my Galaxy Y phone which did not worked well. There are tons of features that are incomparable against Galaxy. I found a very informative link that has the right comparison. Do check the details mentioned on the same.

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    Re: Nokia Lumia 920 VS Galaxy S3 VS iPhone 5 VS Galaxy Note 2

    I have Galaxy Note 2. For a cheaper alternative Samsung is the best choice. It gives you performance and features. While Nokia is best recommended for business work. It is durable that I agree but somewhat very costly phones. However if we see it according to its high end specifications, it is worth. While iPhone lies on another edge. It is far better and quiet awesome device yet found.

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