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Thread: How to increase life of lithium-ion battery

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    How to increase life of lithium-ion battery

    Li-ion batteries are most commonly used on mobile phones. We basically perform a number of things to ensure that our battery last long. That is mostly on the software level. I want to know that there is some way by which I can increase the life of my battery through some other means.

    I am just talking about the li-ion battery only. From the phone side I know many things by which I can keep the battery life stable. I always carry a bunch of battery with me. As I travel to different places and do not easily get charging facility.

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    Re: How to increase life of lithium-ion battery

    There are number of ways to preserver li-ion battery. The first thing that we need to ensure is you must keep the battery at room temperature. Its temperature can cause easy drain. It also keeps your battery live longer. I had seen some articles based on the same which says the rise in temperature kills the battery early. And also once the battery is damaged the loss cannot be restored.

    To keep the battery cooler you can do avoid over charging, long phone usage, do not leave the phone in hot places and avoid charging it there.

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    Re: How to increase life of lithium-ion battery

    One thing I practice is avoid using the phone while there is less power left. Many people try to use continuously when the phone battery is almost down. You must reduce your usage to 80%.

    Secondly do not overcharge the phone. 100% battery after charging is not at all good for its life. It can put pressure on the internal cells which in return reduce its life.

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    Re: How to increase life of lithium-ion battery

    You said that you travel and carry extra batteries. Do you charge them completely? Keep the batteries charging @ 50 to 70% only when you are not using them. I am not quite sure about the reason behind the same but it is recommended as good for the device. Second and most important thing is do not wait until full battery drain. It is most common that people only charge the phone battery when itís drained completely. Charge it when it reaches minimum level.

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