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Thread: Defeating Alduin in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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    Defeating Alduin in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    A lot has been said about Alduin, his connection to his Cyrodiilic counterpart Akatosh or Aldmer counterpart Auri-El. He has a starvation to swallow the world, nevertheless luckily Dovahkiin is around to place him and his dragons/Jills back in their place. But how precisely? Dragons will be capable to be brought down in conventional combat, nevertheless Alduin is a god, and likely the end boss of the Main Quest. In Morrowind, we had to assemble three MacGuffins - Wraithguard, Sunder and Keening - and visage down Dagoth Ur both in single battle then obliterate the Heart to end Second Numidium.

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    Re: Defeating Alduin in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    I don't have a evidence, absolutely something to do with the shouts and the greybeards, seems you require to master the shout power prior to you stand any possibility and the greys are essential to that preparation. Also don't feel the dragons fear the dragon born for the reason that he will be capable to soak up them and make use of their authority, it have to be something to do with Alduin be capable of only be killed (or banished since I don't think you can kill a god literally) by essentially his own power.

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    Re: Defeating Alduin in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    Be overwhelming if there's some actually influential shout that be able to obliterate him nevertheless it's incredibly, extremely long, like a big section. You can't kill him by physical damage, magic or usual shouts so the battle is just to be dressed him down so you have time to carry out this influential shout, so you got your buddy dragon scrapping with Alduin, possibly some greybeards using shouts next to him and buffing your buddy dragon while you’re standing on the maximum point of high hrothgar doing this enormous chant with all of Skyrim laid out before you.

    Alduin is very much trying to claw his way up to stop you shouting, a massive storm is intense from the power of the shout while the factions army you help is fighting a group of jiil dragons and gradually losing, the whole thing coming down to whether you will be capable to pull off this shout in time, sounds epic to the music I'm listening to right now.

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    Re: Defeating Alduin in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    The explanation is easy yet epic: You acquire a dragon shout which forces all mudcrabs of tamriel beneath your authority and jointly you stop Alduin. He will just drown beneath the giant army and suffocate.

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