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  1. New Motorola XT928 said to be King of Multimedia Smartphones
  2. Facebook gearing up for 2012 IPO: source
  3. Violent Video Games May Alter Brain Function: Study
  4. Iran bans US video game showing Tehran invasion
  5. Rumor revival: iPhone 5 to sport 4-inch display
  6. AFP launches iPad in Spanish and Portuguese
  7. Analysts split on BlackBerry's fate
  8. Is Facebook building its own phone?
  9. 30 percent of iPhone 4S owners paid the iPhone 4 early termination fee
  10. Facebook increases limit for status updates to 63,206 characters
  11. Angry Birds Launches First Branded Game 'The Hunt for the Golden Pistachio'
  12. Scientists optimize 3D printer to create new bones
  13. Hackers jailbreak RIM's PlayBook
  14. iPhone Ends 2011 As Web's Top Search Item
  15. U.S. court temporarily bars RIM from using BBX trademark
  16. Nintendo: 3DS gets boost from Mario, at least in Japan
  17. EU in antitrust probe of Apple, e-book publishers
  18. Microsoft to open "app store" in February
  19. With New Windows App Store, Microsoft Is Hoping Size Matters
  20. Facebook launches Timeline — in New Zealand
  21. Spanky Media Brings the Power of WordPress Websites to Australian Small Business
  22. AT&T, rivals delay legal fights over T-Mobile
  23. RIM spends $716,000 lobbying in 3Q
  24. Apple founding contract fetches $1.5 million at auction
  25. Facebook takes new steps to help prevent suicide
  26. Facebook poised to seek dismissal of NY man's suit
  27. Sopa and Pipa bills postponed in US Congress
  28. Sopa and Pipa anti-piracy bills controversy explained
  29. UK Networks pressurising Nokia to low down Lumia 710 price
  30. Microsoft revenue grows despite PC market woes
  31. Nokia Lumia 900 to hit AT&T 4G LTE network on 18th March for $99.99
  32. Lawmakers press Google on privacy policy changes
  33. Nokia profits dive as new phones slow to take off
  34. Facebook takes on 'clickjacking' spammers in court
  35. Apple not turning 'blind eye' to supply chain problems - CEO
  36. Facebook makes Timeline feature compulsory
  37. A New Transparent And Flexible Concept Tablet Pc Unveiled By Samsung
  38. Google announces “Bouncer” to scan malware on Android Market
  39. Nokia Belle now officially available for Nokia Devices.
  40. Facebook added new feature again - New facebook Image Viewer
  41. Windows 8 Consumer Preview (Beta) releasing on February 29
  42. iberry AUXUS AX02 – First Tablet with Android 4 ICS releasing this March
  43. Make free VoIP calls with ‘Dell Voice’
  44. Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 now available in India
  45. Samsung announced new GALAXY Tab 2 (7.0) with Android 4.0 and 1GHz dual core
  46. Panasonic Eluga Power : 5 9.6mm Water Proof SmartPhone Launched
  47. New HTC One X, HTC One S and HTC One V Smartphones Unveiled at MWC
  48. More than 1 Million copies downloaded for Windows 8 Consumer Preview in a day
  49. Zynga unveils its own Gaming Portal, breaking up with Facebook
  50. Forget Windows 8/Windows 9, Microsoft’s Future Is in the Cloud