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Thread: How to share internet on multiple computers without router

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    How to share internet on multiple computers without router

    I am having two machines and I am trying to share an Internet using a modem. Now main point that made me post over here is that I want to do this without a router. I am using internet connection via dial up. I am not having much idea about networking, so thought to take some ideas from you guys before trying to do some R & D.

    Please provide me some information so that I can use internet without router.

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    Re: How to share internet on multiple computers without router

    If you want to share internet on multiple computers without using the router, then you need a crossover network cable, because what you are doing is navigation of the two machines over the Internet via a modem. But doing this will slow down your internet speed to much extent. Once you have crossover cable, you will have to change settings in IP addresses. Then you must configure the network on both pcs placing e.g. and for a pc to the other and both place the subnet mask remains same, for IP mention should be on both PCs.

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    Re: How to share internet on multiple computers without router

    To create a LAN with Crossover you only need about 2 or 3 meters RJ45 cable whether it is normal or crossed, no matter, the important thing is that when you connect to their corresponding network cards between pc1 and pc2, follow the steps properly:

    • Go to control panel > local area connection > properties.
    • Configure the IP’s of each device and select option “automatically”.
    • Disable the firewall on both computers
    • In the properties menu of the network card must option notify me when “This connection has limited or no connectivity" uncheck that option.

    Once you do all these settings you should able to share some files.

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    Re: How to share internet on multiple computers without router

    I am having an issue while connecting 2 PCs with a LAN cable. As this question was having almost similar issue, I thought to post over here. The problem is that I connect directly and I get connected as well but I get an error message saying limited or no connectivity. Please tell me how to get rid of this?

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    Re: How to share internet on multiple computers without router

    I am providing some tips that you will find useful while doing the networking.

    • If you want to connect more than two PCs networked, just plug the Ethernet crossover cable to a switch or hub connected to the second Ethernet network card and connect the other PC on it.
    • If you want to extend the Ethernet network throughout the house, you can use power line by plugging the Ethernet Switch or Hub.
    • If you want to use the wireless Ethernet network, simply connect a WiFi access point to the Ethernet Switch or Hub.
    • You can also connect the modem directly to the switch and connect the other PC on it.

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