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Thread: Darksiders 2 steam price and free packages

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    Junior Member
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    Aug 2012

    Darksiders 2 steam price and free packages

    I want to know about the price of Darksiders 2 on steam. I have observed that they have increased the price by ten to fifteen dollars. I have enjoyed playing the first part on Xbox but now I wanted to play on steam. Anyone from your side can provide exact price of this game for steam? Also I heard that Steam is providing some free packages or add-on, what is it ?

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    Jan 2012

    Re: Darksiders 2 steam price and free packages

    Itís true that they have increased the price of steam Darksiders 2 by 12 USD. And that is because you are now getting game with the Guide (they are costing 12 USD extra for guide). The worst thing is that even if you donít need guide, you will have to pay that cost as there is no other option. So the Darksiders 2 steam price is now around 74$.

    You must also know that this price differs according to the location. In US and Australia, the price is 49.99 $, whereas in Europe and other places it is approximate 59.99 euros. Maybe they are taking an extra charge for shipping. Also in many places the games has not been unlocked and Darksiders 2 steam will get unlocked soon.

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    Jan 2012

    Re: Darksiders 2 steam price and free packages

    I have played the previous part of this game and I am sure that I will enjoy this too. I will be purchasing this game without guide to save some money, if itís possible. I will download it soon and will let you guys know what exact is the cost.

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    Jan 2012

    Re: Darksiders 2 steam price and free packages

    Till now I havenít played much of Darksiders II Death Lives, but it feels like the previous game in some manners. It is better in some things like the character is strong during the game when compared to previous part. I find that this game is good overall, but the area is much bigger with very less items to find. Thatís why we have to roam a lot and feels like we are exploring empty city.

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