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Thread: How to do Video Chatting with Skype on Android/iOS Device

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    How to do Video Chatting with Skype on Android/iOS Device

    We all know that Skype is a brilliant tool for making free or low-cost phone calls. Along with that we can call from one Skype account to another for free, but you can make domestic and international calls at very low rates by utilizing our device's data plan or Wi-Fi connection.

    Now coming to my main question, can we install Skype on Android and iOS Device? Also please explain me how to do Video Chatting with Skype on these devices? I am expecting some quick replies from your side. All helps will be appreciated

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    Re: How to do Video Chatting with Skype on Android/iOS Device

    Yeah, offcourse you can install skype on any of your Android or iOS devices. Its very reputed VOIP application and available for almost all platforms. Once you install and set up Skype, you can make two types of calls using Skype: Skype-to-Skype calls and Skype-to-Phone calls.

    For making Skype-to-Skype calls do the following things:

    First open your contact list on Skype. If you are having Android phone, go to the Contacts list and then tap the icon next to where it displays "All contacts," and later select the “Skype”. If you are having iOSmachine, start similar by selecting the Contacts list, press the button in the upper left corner that displays "Contacts," and, select “Skype Contacts” that will follow after previous screen. Once you select the contact in Skype, tap on “Call”. You can also start video call from an iOS device.

    For making Skype-to-Phone calls, follow the procedure:

    You know that you can also call from SkypetoPhone line. For doing that, tap on Call phones (on Android devices) or Call (on iOS devices). You can tap the phonebook symbol which is located on upper right corner on both Android and iOS, if that contact is saved in your phone's phonebook. IF you want to call outside your contact list, you can use the number pad. While doing calls to phone line, you should keep in mind that you are charged by Skype according to per minute.

    I am sure that Skype will be useful for you too.

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    Re: How to do Video Chatting with Skype on Android/iOS Device

    First of all you need to make sure that you can use Skype on your Android device. Some users have struggled while installing the same on their devices because of compatibility problem. Also you should know that Android version of Skype does support video calling, but it's not accessible on all devices.

    You can get Skype iOS app in the App Store, while the Skype Android app is in the Android Market, respectively. Skype works for Android 2.1 or higher. Also while using the Skype for Android make sure that it is Skype for Android and not Skype Mobile for Verizon.

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    Re: How to do Video Chatting with Skype on Android/iOS Device

    Everything will work smoothly once you install Skype properly. After installing it in your device, you will be prompted to sign into your Skype account and you have to insert proper Skype username and password. After doing this, you can select to sync all contacts, add phonebook contacts to your Skype list, depending on your need.

    If you are adding phonebook contacts to your Skype list, you'll be able to simply call your phonebook contacts straight from the Skype app. "Call phones" button on main Skype screen takes you to a screen where you can call a phone line, and the "Profile" button lets you update your profile and status message. You can set up notifications, IM options and other things by accessing the Settings Menu.

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