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Thread: Copy/Paste not working in Excel 2010 due to Skype Plugging

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    Copy/Paste not working in Excel 2010 due to Skype Plugging

    First of all here are my system config:
    Operating system: windows 7 Pro 64 bit service pack 1
    MS Office 2010 Standard SP1
    Google Chrome version: 12.0.742.122
    Skype, Skype Toolbar, Skype plugin for Chrome.

    Here is my issue: in excel I am not able to cut or copy paste any more since i installed Skype in my system. while doing this I have got an error message saying that:” "The Clipboard cannot be emptied. Another program might be using the Clipboard".

    This error message appears when I run excel along with chrome web browser. Normally this error appears while attempting to paste. So does anyone know how to fix this issue…?

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    Re: Copy/Paste not working in Excel 2010 due to Skype Plugging

    Most of the time I use MS word and recently I have found "clipboard" feature not working, to solve this issue I have also contact with the official sites but doesn’t helped me. Recently I have got the reply from Skype member and they said this issue due to Skype and to solve this issue we should disable Skype plug-in from your all web browser, that’s it.

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    Re: Copy/Paste not working in Excel 2010 due to Skype Plugging

    Yes I agree with the above post, the Skype plugging break Excel 2010 Copy/Paste Functionality Bug caused by Skype's own toolbar called Click2Call toolbar. As far as I know the Click2Call is toolbar not compatible with windows operating systems and the skype member trying to fix this issue with new updates. So, in order to temporarily solve this issue I would like to suggest you to remove Click2Call toolbar. I tried this solution and this helped me.

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    Re: Copy/Paste not working in Excel 2010 due to Skype Plugging

    Do not open any browser while working on MS Excel. This is one and only solution as of now because the issue occurs due to Click2Call toolbar of Skype and plugin used in browser. I know this is not proper answer but this is as temporary solution. I think skype should make some sort of announcement to fix this issue or bug.

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