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Thread: Norton Internet Security 2012 simply removing all my softwares and programs

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    Norton Internet Security 2012 simply removing all my softwares and programs

    I am having a Windows 7 PC with Norton Internet 2012 security installed. I installed NIS 2012 just a week ago. Since I installed the same I found that many of my programs are just not opening or they just crash as soon as I open them. I guess NIS is deleting some of the files from installation folder related to those software and programs without asking me. Even I noticed that my window is running slow as compared to before.

    Anyways, till what I tried is reinstalling NIS 2012 and restored my system to previous point. But that dint worked. I donít understand what the cause of this problem is. Is there any one to help me out of this?

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    Re: Norton Internet Security 2012 simply removing all my softwares and programs

    Very strange. Even I am using Norton but havenít faced any such problem is so many years. I guess there would some problem with NIS 2012, though I am using NIS 2011 and is working fine. Anyways, you should try updating the antivirus to latest virus definition again. I guess there would be some problem with the current update hence it is creating some conflict in between those programs and security. And if that wont work you should simply call Norton guys and explain them this scenario. Its critical. Do it as soon as possible.

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    Re: Norton Internet Security 2012 simply removing all my softwares and programs

    You said you installed Norton just a week ago. Which antivirus were you using earlier? Did you removed that earlier antivirus completely before installing NIS ? This could be the reason behind this problem. There are many antivirus programs that leave their few files on the system though we uninstall them from add and remove program. And hence the conflict between to security programs create problems on your system. So better try these steps:

    • Uninstall NIS 2012 from your system.
    • Then remove all temporary files
    • Clean your system with CCleaner
    • Restart your system.
    • Install Nis 2012 again.

    Now watch for 2 days if you get the same problem again. I hope it will not happen.

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    Re: Norton Internet Security 2012 simply removing all my softwares and programs

    Sometimes because of viruses that kind of problem is occurred. So, download the Norton Power Eraser from Norton website which bootable virus scanner. Download it on any other computer and Burn on disc and restart your computer. Boot this disc from your computer and it automatically run the virus scanner and removes the viruses if detected. If that all not solve your problem then repair your window from windows installation disc.

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