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Thread: How to Enable Nvidia 3D vision for Max Payne 3

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    How to Enable Nvidia 3D vision for Max Payne 3

    I found that Max Payne 3 has rocked the consoles since its release on PC, 1st June. Even me playing it on my PC. Also sales figure is pretty good for game. While browsing web i found that many gamers wanted to play Max Payne 3 in 3D but due to some reason they are not able to do so. Hence i decided to share the steps through which they can enjoy MP3 in 3D. And yeah, on my PC, Max Payne 3 in 3D is much interesting than earlier. Anyways, if you are the one who wants to enjoy MP3 in 3D, follow the below steps:

    Enabling Nvidia 3D Vision:

    • First of all you will need to have Nvidia Graphics card installed on your system (Obviously).
    • Make sure that you have latest Nvidia drivers installed on your system. You can download the drivers from here
    • If you are playing Max Payne 3 on Windows 7 or Vista, you must have version 186.18 or higher drivers installed on your system.
    • Once you are done with the drivers, go to Start Menu, type 'Nvidia Corporation' and Enter
    • Now go to '3D Vision' and select 'Enable 3D Vision Discover.
    • Now follow the onscreen instructions to complete the 3D Vision Setup.
    • System will try to Test the hardware setup. let it complete and click Next.
    • Finally it will test the stereoscopic 3D, let it be done. Click Next and you are done.

    Thats it. Now enjoy Max Payne 3 in 3D.

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    Re: How to Enable Nvidia 3D vision for Max Payne 3

    There few requirements you need to play games in 3D, similarly as you need while watching 3D movies. So just make sure that you meet the same.

    Nvidia 3D Vision System Requirements:

    • Computer with Windows 7 or Windows Vista
    • NVIDIA 3D Vision Kit (such as 3D glasses.)
    • 3D Vision-Ready Display (LCD or LED gaming monitors such as Samsung SyncMaster 2233RZ, ACER GD235HZ 120 and many more.)
    • Compatible NVIDIA Graphics Cards (Such as GeForce 8800 Ultra, GeForce 9800 GTX+, GeForce GTX 285, and many more.)

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