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Thread: Download Fallout 4 PC Save Games

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    Junior Member
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    Aug 2014

    Download Fallout 4 PC Save Games

    I was wondering if there is any Fallout 4 Save Game available on this forums? You guys have helped me many times in the past, so this time again i'm here. I was playing Fallout 4 on MSI Gaming laptop but don't know why it was freezing and lagging too much, although the config is far more than what required by the game. So, i just thought to do complete re-install and forgot to Backup the saves. Whoa... lost my progress. Now it wants me to play from beginning.

    So, i request you guys to please give me Save files for Fallout 4 as soon as possible. Help appreciated.

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    Jan 2012

    Re: Download Fallout 4 PC Save Games

    Dont worry friend, as always we are here to help and Welcome you

    You can download the 100 percent completed Save file for Fallout 4 from the attachment below. For other users looking for the same, you can even download it from Download Center that doesn't requires signin and offer downloads in single click. Make sure you extract the files at proper Save Location.

    You may also like using Fallout 4 Trainer (Cheats)
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    Junior Member
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    Aug 2014

    Re: Download Fallout 4 PC Save Games

    Thank you very much Gamer. That's exactly what i was looking for. I must also thank you additionally for the cheats. using it for the first time but i must say it makes the game more funnier.

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    Junior Member
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    Sep 2014

    Re: Download Fallout 4 PC Save Games

    Just in case if anyone wants the Female save game for Fallout 4, here are they. First save game is after the character creation and second one is after the Vault 111. Enjoy !
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    Junior Member
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    Jan 2014

    Re: Download Fallout 4 PC Save Games

    Here's yet another save game. My own 100% completed. If somebody founds it useful. Get it from mega.

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    Re: Download Fallout 4 PC Save Games

    I have created large settlements and created so many I believe its causing crashes in all quests lines in the main story-line and don't want to start over so I was wondering if anyone has a previous save game with the quest line where you meet father on the roof of CIT, the quest line is called: Speak With Father In The Ruins Of CIT. can anyone share their save game with that starting quest? So that I can start on that game save so I can then return back to my main save with my settlement builds?.

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    Lightbulb Re: Download Fallout 4 PC Save Games

    Anyone have the quest save game Speak with father in the ruins of CIT.

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