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Thread: Nokia E6 keypad lock/unlock not working properly.

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    Nokia E6 keypad lock/unlock not working properly.

    Nokia E6 is showing very weird behavior. I am facing problems while locking and unlocking the phone. My phone does not respond to a single slide. For locking the phone I have to slide it nearly three to four times. Every time I lock the phone I slide it many times and same process is carried out by me while unlocking it. On sliding it in order to lock the phone, it vibrates three to four times, locks for a while and then it unlocks itself on its own. While unlocking when I slide it, initially it gets unlocked but within a fraction of second it gets locked on its own then I have to slide it over and over again. Finally the phone is unlocked only after sliding it many times continuously.
    I cannot understand what the problem is and I am very frustrated with my phone.

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    Re: Nokia E6 keypad lock/unlock not working properly.

    It is a common problem with Nokia E6. Many people experience the same problem. This problem occurs mainly due to malfunctioning of the slider. The slider gets worn out with time and begins to malfunction. The degradation of the may be avoided by using the phone carefully and efficiently. The slider is a very delicate part of the phone and needs to be handled with care. There are some options like replacing certain parts of the phone which when replace produce better results.

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    Re: Nokia E6 keypad lock/unlock not working properly.

    E6 model was not giving any problems earlier when it had Symbian Anna. Many users started getting this problem after updating their device to Symbian Belle. This problem causes a lot of frustration and needs to be resolved. It takes several attempts for the slide switch/key lock to perform the desired operation. The phone does not respond with the new belle installed. It is a better option to turn on to anna which is installed in the phone in the beginning.

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    Re: Nokia E6 keypad lock/unlock not working properly.

    Another big problem with E6 is to read a sms as soon as it comes. In E6 it becomes very difficult to open a sms as soon as it comes and the reason behind this problem is also the slider. Whenever a sms comes and if the display is off then it becomes very difficult to immediately turn on the display and thus it creates a problem to view the message as soon as it is received. The slide switch takes a long time and so messages cannot be answered quickly.

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    Re: Nokia E6 keypad lock/unlock not working properly.

    There are two types of problems categorized as hardware and firmware. Hardware problems are difficult to solve and need replacement of the hardware or repairing of the hardware. Once a hardware problem occurs it has to be treated by replacing the original part and thus consists of lot of expenses. Firmware problems are comparatively less expensive and easily repairable. This kind of a problem is a firmware problem and can be easily repaired

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    Re: Nokia E6 keypad lock/unlock not working properly.

    This problem occurs mainly due to belle. Belle creates a lot of problems of the slider like problems while locking and unlocking. When we slide it the phone does not get easily locked. We have to slide it several times in order to lock it. The slider does not show quick responses to the userís actions. It also shows the same problems during unlocking and gets unlocked only after sliding it many times

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