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Thread: What does Intel Dynamic Acceleration means ?

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    Sep 2014

    What does Intel Dynamic Acceleration means ?

    I am having a motherboard and I was in the bios to check out what new things it has. I can find some settings related to Intel Dynamic Acceleration (IDA). I want to know what it is. I am having a Core 2 Duo based processor and it looks like the CPU can work a lot better if I can turn this thing on. Is this very much similar to Intel Turbo boost. I am trying to find a few information on the same but I cannot see much. When I play games on the system it does not really work well. There is a lagging issue on the same. Can IDA fix it?

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    Re: What does Intel Dynamic Acceleration means ?

    Intel Dynamic Acceleration (IDA) is common on different Intel processor. A CPU is usually designed to work on higher multiplier. That means faster speed. And here IDA means boosting the CPU output more so that you can get better output. It is very much similar to turbo boost but there are certain changes in IDA.

    There are not all processors that come with this feature. You have to check that properly first in the CPU specification. If you try turning it on and if the CPU is not having any kind of support for the same then it won’t work well.

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    Re: What does Intel Dynamic Acceleration means ?

    On laptops this thing is not really recommended. Because it can cause kind of heating issue in the system.

    Compare to laptop, I think desktops are having better cooling support. You can simply increase the fan and get a better cooling support. There are high end fans in the market. But when it comes to laptop then cooling is quiet limited and you cannot do much in that. I had seen that this kind of extra boot reduce the CPU life. Especially when you are having a laptop.

    You can see a lot of hot air comes out from the ventilation part due to a very small fan.

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