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Thread: Is there a Chrome addon for closing all tab at once

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    Is there a Chrome addon for closing all tab at once

    I am using Google Chrome as my default web browser. A number of times I am play videos on YouTube. But suddenly if someone come to my desk I hit Alt + F4 button and everything is closed. Sometime the browser is slow and does not respond.

    I want some way through which I can hide the tabs and then restore that back again whenever I need. It also happens that when I start streaming back again the browser just stuck on a place. So is there a addon for chrome that can help me hide my tabs and then restore them back again.

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    Re: Is there a Chrome addon for closing all tab at once

    Chrome has features through which you can hide the tab. You can find that on Chrome web store. Just search for hide tab. What I do is simply pin the same. So that in case whenever I just need to click on the same. And the tab loads up.

    But there is no way to continue the YouTube streaming. You have to keep it on all the time. You can open too many tabs at the same time and you remember where it is.

    So when someone comes you can open a different tab and when you are free you can click on the tab in which YouTube is open.

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    Re: Is there a Chrome addon for closing all tab at once

    That is entirely manual work. This is one amazing tool that you can test out and play with. This is called as PanicButton. You can add the button in the web browser.

    You can also link tabs on the browser and hide them whenever needed. The button will open the old tabs back again whenever you hit it. It is very easy to use and very impressive. With a single button you can just restore all your hidden tabs without manually opening each of the links. It is very simple. All you need is simply save the links in the form of bookmarks and keep them in a different folder.

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