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Thread: Do you like Aarklash, the Rag'narok in Confrontation Game

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    Junior Member
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    Feb 2012

    Do you like Aarklash, the Rag'narok in Confrontation Game

    Personally I would rather C3 resurrected, the minis were far better quality, sorry but I feel that is a fact, but maybe less playable. Whichever way they go they have to get the fans on side first, it is with their help that the game can succeed. There were rumors that the moulds for the metals were destroyed and other saying they have since seen the moudls. I want to believe the latter.

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    Respected Members saanz's Avatar
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    Jan 2012

    Re: Do you like Aarklash, the Rag'narok in Confrontation Game

    If C3 got resurrected along with the metal figures I'd be in... if it's the later mass-battle game with PPP... I've got no interest. I wonder if these new folks own the rights to the old Cry Havoc 'zines? If they were to release PDFs of those for sale I'd jump on that. Same thing for the old catalogues.

    I'm curious why they decided to make a video game out of Confrontation though... because Hybrid/Nemesis seem like it would make for a better computer game IMO... more exploration and atmosphere and stuff you can't do as well on the tabletop (though Hybrid is a great game). I suppose Confrontation has more potential for online play.

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    Re: Do you like Aarklash, the Rag'narok in Confrontation Game

    While an Aarklash MMO seems like it would be awesome....MMO's in general are too costly and very few actually become successful. I don't think Aarklash has enough appeal to the larger audience to make it a successful MMO. To be honest, I hope that it's got enough appeal to be successful in the form they are creating it in now. It had a loyal following when it was in the classic Confrontation days, but that is a loyal following in a small niche market compared to the video game market.

    The game will have to be REALLY good to make a mark on the video game scene. I do agree though, that Hybrid/Nemesis would have made a better single player video game than Confrontation as a whole. Even Cadwallon would have made a nice "Elder Scrolls" style of game. I would just love to see the city of Cadwallon realized in a video game.

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    Re: Do you like Aarklash, the Rag'narok in Confrontation Game

    I used to create a full folder for a Aarklash MMO, with all the races, the classes, the mechanics, progression, levels, skills, powers, mounts, cities, pvp etc. I did play WOW for a few years and enjoyed it, mostly in the early days when I was low level and the whole thing was still mysterious and new... my friend and I would explore for hours with no real goal in mind. How great would it be to explore Aarklash that way...

    Probably the closest thing would be to play it out as an RPG... not just Cadwallon but the entirety of Aarklash. That seems quite doable. Either use Cadwallon or something like Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (I'd go with 1st/2nd), etc. The main chore would be to retain some of the feel of the magic... and some of the faction abilities like Mutagenic and Steam.

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    Junior Member
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    Mar 2012

    Re: Do you like Aarklash, the Rag'narok in Confrontation Game

    Since this seems the topic to throw around random game designs set in the world of Aarklash, here is mine in regards to Cadwallon or Hybrid / Nemesis: Side scrolling (like Abe's range, Heart of Darkness, etc) I realize in an age of MMOs and eye-bleeding 3D it is not the most popular format, but Abe's games have shown that if done well, they can be very successful. To me it is a very feasible way of bringing a very visually-rich atmosphere to the screen, much more so than anything done in 3D. Should something like this ever be considered and i want to see this...

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