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Thread: Which miniatures game you would like to see in Confrontation Game

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    Junior Member
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    Mar 2012

    Which miniatures game you would like to see in Confrontation Game

    So, the big question from a lot of us who play Confrontation without a computer is: what will happen to the miniatures game? I hope one day the first iteration that was so vastly popular will return. CAoR is ok, but C3 has my best! I hope the computer game is good. I LOVE the evolution of miniatures (dogs of war)- the fact that you invest in a miniature every time you play instead of making one-shot lists. If your squad leader or miniature dies you actually care! I am overjoyed to see this in the game! I wonder- can you explain this part of the new version in detail? Will you retain the themes that give each faction so much flexibility? Will you include material listed in the Cry Havoc magazines?

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    Re: Which miniatures game you would like to see in Confrontation Game

    I don't like Dust nor any game with prepaintedpalstic miniature, the quality of the metal sculpt and the background was the only selling factor in Confrontation (since the rules were fairly poor designed) for me.I can accept non painted good sculpted plastic mini, but the whole preipanted stuff will bane me from the game forever. Find another game then. Helldorado will likely one of the best minkiature game and i think this game should add in this game.

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    Jan 2012

    Re: Which miniatures game you would like to see in Confrontation Game

    The game was metal miniature for 1998 to 2005 at least so If I must hope for Confrontation future as a miniature game I want it to come back to a format that is coherent to the game I've played (and collected) for five year. And I'm sorry Helldorado will never be the game for me, i don't like anything about that game.

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    Feb 2012

    Re: Which miniatures game you would like to see in Confrontation Game

    Hello, just a few words about the miniature game. As part of Focus, there is not many things I know. We are only involved on what's concerning the video game. In video game or others. They need time to comprehend and analyze all the information concerning Confrontation. I'm sure they will give you some info about the miniature game when they will have decided more about it. Personally - and this is to be considered as a personal feeling - I am quite confident regarding the future of the miniature game. I think that many of the people here will be old veterans of the C3 game. Say what you will about pp plastics vs. metal, it was the rich history that made me want all the factions. Sure, I still have over 20 Wolfen to paint, but it was one of the first games where I wanted to spend too much detail on each mini, rather then go for a quick and dirty feel to them. Yes, Rackham made some bad calls but if this game does well we could see a re-emergence!!

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    Re: Which miniatures game you would like to see in Confrontation Game

    first of all i like this game so much and i hated the PPP version and everything it stood for.The problem for the table version, in what ever guise is the whole way it was handled, and if the consumer will trust anything to do with confrontation again.I would have thought there would be extensive, unbiased research needed to be done, to see what was more popular over all, and go with that. Its a business after all. Whatever the future, just play paint/dont paint whatever you want. I personally am excited to see a computer games, as it is a little bit of the universe well all grew to love in whatever format. I know what my hope for this game will be and what I would like to see it steer clear off, so I will keep a keen eye and buy if I like what I see.

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    Mar 2012

    Re: Which miniatures game you would like to see in Confrontation Game

    Well, we know so little about the game so far are only frame of reference is the minis game. Still, from the pics I have seen it does look like they got the "feel" of the minis just right. I got started with PPP cause it is instant play. Also the miniatures look really good too which is a bonus. Not many PPP look as good as Confrontation. What got my attention. I don't mind painting an occassional mini but I prefer prepainted. Also I hate having people touch my painted minis which they always seem to do. . . I'm buying a few metals when I can to add on but I rather buy PPP.

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    Dec 2011

    Re: Which miniatures game you would like to see in Confrontation Game

    There's many different reasons for fans to love confrontation, but I must say few if any posters have addressed a HUGE part of the game- tactics. The original game sold because of the miniatures AND the mechanics. Because there are no actual miniatures to collect and paint this new electronic version may rely heavily on how the game runs; whether it's truly skirmish like old confrontation, massive armies like CAoR, or whether it's an evolution approach, as in dogs of war. There are very easy ways to reinspire old players and draw new players: first make a fun game which you are doing already, and second expand the old game- provide new options. For the actual table top game, make new factions or for crying out loud FINISH the original factions with card profiles. Not a single new metal miniature needs to be made. This simple, cheap approach can reignite interest in older players that see new avenues for the game. It sounded like your company has it's hands full trying to digest the massive universe of arklash, so I am just making a suggestion to hopefully consider as you assimilate the factions and miniatures.

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