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Thread: Mozilla Firefox VS Google Chrome

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    Junior Member
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    Mar 2012

    Mozilla Firefox VS Google Chrome

    With the browser, "Google Chrome" surfing the Internet is faster and safer for you. You have the ability to import your bookmarks from Firefox directly. Enter a URL into the browser address field, this gives you suggestions that are intended to facilitate the search. Your last visited web pages every time you restart the application in the form of a list of thumbnails, so you need only click on these, without retyping the URL. Would you visit a page, but this does not make apparent during the course, go incognito on a page and enter the desired address. With this portable (portable) version of the program, you can now surf to any PC on the Internet.

    "Firefox " compared to its predecessor brings many new features with it. For example, given the browser interface a new look: The tab (tabs) are displayed at the top, while the menu hidden behind a single button. If required, indicate "Firefox 4" is already accessing a website all security-related information. You can find out whether the browser has stored, for example, access data or cookies for that site. To manage your extensions and themes will open the "Firefox 4" a new tab and no longer a small application window. This allows you to organize all the plugins and addons clearly. so what you all think on this both web browser and which is best...

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    Mar 2012

    Re: Mozilla Firefox VS Google Chrome

    I use the Opera browser for quite some time and am very happy with it. It is much faster, like IE and I think even a little bit faster than Firefox. Even the addition features of Opera I find the great . You may register on the home page and up to 9 pages with one click, it also performs a then clicked on the page. So all I can really only recommend Opera.

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    Jan 2012

    Re: Mozilla Firefox VS Google Chrome

    Memory usage is very important factor for browser. To measure the memory usage of the browser, i have open 20 sites in 20 different tabs. The sites used are quite heavy and Flash to use including many of them. We note nevertheless a fairly clear difference between different browsers, especially regarding Firefox: version 4 seems much heavier than the 3.6, performed with the same sites over the same period! Safari also remains below 600 MB, while all the other blithely exceeded. But if Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer release well enough memory to close these tabs, you can not say the same instance of Opera 11, which is over 300 MB!

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